ECW Real-Time Coverage for 01/20/2009

Welcome to the EC-Dub!


Tonight we have a fatal fourway match between the Miz, Morrison, Finlay and Henry!  And after an exceptional night of promos last night on Raw, hopefully we’ll have an exceptional night of wrestling on ECW tonight!


We start out tonight with a video promo of the “All-American American” Jack Swagger.  Recap of last week’s stunning Swagger victory.  Hardy sold the exposed turnbuckle hit wonderfully.


We are in Chicago, and Matt Hardy is headed to the ring to talk to Todd Grisham.  Matt Striker is on commentary, to soon be joined by Grisham.


Todd asks Hardy about his turbulent week, specifically about his brother Jeff and his pyro accident.  Matt says Jeff is recovering, but was in shock after the incident.  He is also suffering from first degree burns.  Matt doesn’t think his recent “accidents” are not related.  Todd asks about the loss to Swagger (finally) and mentions they will fight at the Rumble this weekend.  Matt says Swagger is better than he originally thought.  He got beat by him last week.  And Swagger’s music hits and the champ heads to the ring.


Swagger swaggers down to the ring with his belt held high.  Swagger shows off the title once in the ring and finally acknowledges Hardy and Grisham.  Todd asks him how it feels to be champ.  Swagger says “how does it feel? How do I look?” (HA!).  Says if feels great, and says Sunday at the Royal Rumble is just a formality.  Says his brother won’t be the only one going down in flames.  Hardy DECKS him!!  Swagger to the outside, and here comes Hardy.  He mounts Swagger and swings away.  The refs pull him off and Swagger retreats to the back.


Promo for the fatal fourway tonight.  Miz vs. Morrison vs. Finlay vs. Henry.


Sean Michaels/JBL/Cena promo for Royal Rumble.


Commercial break.


Squash.  1 Star (out of 5)

We’re back and here comes Ricky Ortiz.  In the ring is Adam Evans.  Looks like a squash coming up.


Ricky Ortiz vs. Adam Evans

Ortiz starts off with some headbutts and Evans goes straight down.  Striker says he has wrestled Evans and he is “quick and agile which may be a problem for Ortiz”. Yeah right.  Ortiz with a huge backbreaker on Evans.  He stalks him methodically and hammers on the back.  Elbow off the ropes.  And another.  Evans up and right into a back suplex.  Football shoulder block.  Here comes the rally towel and the Big-O.  1,2,3.


Winner: Ricky Ortiz





Ortiz has the mic.  Says thanks to Chi-Town for their support. “Don’t forget.. Rally up!”  He graciously gives his rally towel to a kid in the crowd.


Grisham and Striker take us back to Tommy Dreamer’s speech from last week.  He needs to prove he still belongs in ECW by winning the ECW belt.  If he doesn’t, he will leave.


Dreamer in the back with Teddy Long, GM.  Teddy says he could have set up a title match any time Dreamer wanted it.  Dreamer says he needs to earn it.  Enter Paul Burchill who says he has a career worth something.  He demands a rematch with DJ Gabriel.  Long says you don’t come in my office and demand anything.  Burchill will have a match, but against someone of Long’s choosing.  And it’s next!


Commercial break.


We’re back and Paul Burchill is already in the ring.  And from the Bottomless Pit, The Boogeyman!


Paul Burchill vs. The Boogeyman


Matt Striker says the Boogeyman smells of morning breath and stale cheese. Nice.  Burchill starts with some kicks and sends him to the corner for some punches.  Boogeyman tries to fight out but back to the corner. Irish whip to the other corner and knees to the abdomen.  Burchill continues the onslaught.  Boogeyman chants.  Burchill off the ropes into a clothesline.  Boogeyman with some offense.  TO the corner and big elbow.  Whip to the other corner and Stinger Splash!  Boogeyman goes for the finish and Katie Lea is in!  She kicks Boogeyman and we get the DQ.  Paul out, and Boogeyman is after Katie Lea.  He’s getting the worms out.  They go in his mouth, but Paul rescues Katie Lea.


Winner: Boogeyman via DQ.


Boogeyman puts the worms on the announcers table and Striker doesn’t appreciate the “Chow Fun”.


Commercial Break.

 Raw Recap.  McMahon brings Jericho in only to say he won’t reinstate him.  But Steph can.  She makes him apologize profusely to her and the crowd and Jericho is rehired.  Orton hits the ring and awesomely takes out Vince with a punt. See Pulse’s Raw Real-Time Coverage.


Striker calls it a horrific act of humanity and wishes McMahon well.  Royal Rumble promo.  We go over all the records of the Royal Rumble match.  Can’t wait until Sunday.


John Morrison’s music hits and here he comes. The Miz follows.


Commercial break.


Finlay (with Hornswaggle)  and Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas)  enter the ring.


John Morrison vs. The Miz vs. Finlay vs. Mark Henry, Fatal Four Way


We start and everyone starts to team up on Finlay.  Finlay fights his way out of a corner and dumps Morrison out of the ring.  Gets the big boot from Henry.  Henry puts the Miz on the mat, and nails Morrison jumping in from the apron.  Finlay breaks up a cover on Miz.  Again, they team up on Finlay and we go to..


Commercial break.


Back to the action.  Henry has Finlay up and drops him to the mat.  Miz and Morrison team up on Henry.  Miz with his clothesline in the corner.  Morrison hits the Flying Chuck.  Miz hits Henry as he’s draped on the ropes.  Henry up and starts headbutting the tag-team champs.  Clotheslines and they’re down.  Finlay off the second rope to be caught by Henry.  Slam.  Henry cleans some more house.  Finlay in with the shileghleigh on Henry.  DDT.  Cover. 1.2. broken by Miz.  Miz and Morrison baseball slide Henry to the floor.  Roll-up by Finlay on Morrison.  Miz breaks the count.  Double team on Finlay.  Morrison hammers on Finlay and the two gloat for a while.  More double team shots.  Atlas is trying to get Henry back into the match.  Henry seems to be leaving???  Meanwhile, double bulldog by Finlay on the champs.  Finlay hits the Tadpole splash on Morrison.  Finlay all over the Miz.  Celtic Cross!  Morrison in and throws Finlay on the floor.  Morrison pins the Miz!! 1, 2, 3!!!!


Winner:  John Morrison.  3 ½ stars (out of 5)


After the match, Morrison explains himself to the Miz who looks put out.  A good match marred by a weird departure by Mark Henry.  The main event saves the show in general again, though.


See you next week where we’ll have some fallout from the Royal Rumble!!



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