Gossip Girl – Episode 2-16 Review

It seems as though Gossip Girl is pulling a Dawson’s Creek. That’s right, a student and teacher relationship is on the horizon and was implied merely through glances on tonight’s otherwise average episode.

And the student is none of than Dan Humphrey. Surprised? I’m not. While he and Serena seem to be happy, so do their parents and that won’t sit well with them forever. Not to mention that Dan got into Yale while Serena turns down her acceptance and opts for Brown.

This new and young teacher, Ms. Carr, is at first mistaken for a student by Dan. He is introduced to her by Serena who seems to be friendly with her. No harm there…right?

Meanwhile Blair is set on getting into Yale, but she is wait-listed. The headmistress assures her that she will get in as long as she upholds her GPA. That doesn’t sound too hard until she receives a “B” from Ms. Carr. War has begun. Blair sets out to get back at the young toucher by inviting her to the opera, but leaving her stranded in the process. Although Blair tries to apologize, it seems it’s too late and Blair’s chances at Yale dwindle.

Rufus and Lily prepare to go public with their relationship at the opera. Even thought Rufus knows he will feel out of place, he studies the opera with the help of Jenny and Eric. This was a sweet storyline, but was constantly disrupted (for me, at least) by the overly-obvious baby bump that Kelly Rutherford (Lily) is sporting.

Chuck is still trying to regain the company and recover from his trip-up with the board. None of his schemes to embarrass his uncle seem to be working and he turns to Lily. She has signed documents from Bart that would make her Chuck’s legal guardian and subsequently the head of Bass Industries. Jack attacks Lily in the bathroom of the opera after losing the multi-million dollar company to her. She is saved by Chuck andĀ  she tells him he gets the entire company and its worth on his 18th birthday. In a rare moment of sincerity and gratefulness, Chuck asks Lily to move back in with her and be a part of her family. Aww.

Nate and Vanessa were mere accessories in this episode. Their boring storyline about how he has money and access while she doesn’t mirrored that of Dan and Serena’s. I really hope they come up with something better for these two because Nate has quickly sank from a main character to an extra with 2 minutes of screen time at max.

Anyway, Dan is of course upset that Serena declined Yale but more upset that she didn’t tell him. Nevertheless, their relationship remains intact. But, at the end of the episode Ms. CarrĀ  randomly shows up at the art gallery and flirts with Dan. The glances were subtle yet obvious. These two are going to stir up trouble..and it’s going to be good.

Stay tuned! Hopefully we get to see more Blair and Chuck scenes, which went missing from this week’s episode. Also, the Dan/teacher drama is bound to shake up the elite residents of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including HotIndieNews.com and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.