One Tree Hill- Episode 6-15 Review

Last night’s episode continued the string of great episodes this season. Old and new relationships reached greater levels with a bit of comedy thrown in. The episode was especially exciting for me as I just returned from Wilmington, NC where the show is filmed and I visited some of the sets.

I’ll start with one of my favorite new couples Brooke and Julian as they struggled to define their relationship last night. Brooke was all for it, that is until Peyton warns her (not in a malicious way, but in a friendly, I-got-your-back way) about Julian’s tendency to drop girls as he moves from film to film. Brooke confronts Julian about this and tells him that they’re better off as colleagues. It was obvious they were both upset by this compromise.

Nathan has been keeping the bench warm as his team hits a 0-5 losing streak. None of that matters to #23 Devon who is just out to score baskets for NBA attention. Nathan is reminded by both Dan and Jamie that he has heart, unlike his teammate, and that he will get his chance. His shot comes as the coach benches his overly arrogant teammate. Nathan makes an assist to help win the game. Now that’s the Nathan we all miss.

Lucas buys Peyton an engagement ring and gets the approval of Haley. But, they both know that Peyton always wanted to wear Keith’s ring. Lucas doesn’t think Peyton would want to wear it after Lindsey, but Peyton tells him she wouldn’t feel right without it. “Now it’s right where it belongs,” he says as he slips it onto her finger. Cute.

Lucas has bigger problems with the studio and finding the perfect director for the movie. Julian’s father pressures him into picking, but Lucas doesn’t like any of them. He says he wants a director who makes the little things the big things…someone who can recreate how he feels when he steps on the rivercourt, someone who can show how a song can instantly change Peyton’s mood and someone who understands that there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis, both of which are amazing. I think we all (Leyton and Brucas fans) wanted to hug him at this point.

James Van Der Beek is back as the crazy, coke-snorting director and uses Lucas’ words to get what he wants. Julian’s dad is duped into believing he is perfect for the part and hires him, much to Lucas’ dismay.

Mia and Chase are heating up and she finally finds that inspiration to write a new song. I thought I would like these two together, but I have to admit it was hard for me to watch them makeout. It was just plain awkward. We’ll see where this goes and how Brooke reacts.

As for the hot chemistry between Brooke and Julian, we will get to see more! Peyton finds out that all the stories about Julian’s promiscuity were just media ploys implemented by his father to garner attention for his movies. Julian shows up at Brooke’s doorstep and gives her the varsity jacket she made for him. “What does this mean?” she asks. “It means we’re going steady,”he replies. Aww. I am loving this!

We have to wait two weeks for our next OTH fix, but it will be worth the wait! Casting begins on Lucas’ movie and Dawson…err I mean James Van Der Beek is back!

Note to wardrobe: Please don’t make Brooke look like an early-century marshmallow again! She’s too gorgeous for that hideous getup.

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.