90210 – Episode 1-14 Review

Well today was a pretty interesting day. George Bush is out and Obama is in. I can’t wait to see what he does with his presidency (and this is coming from the mind of a Canadian). On to tonight’s review. First up:

Ryan’s back! Yay! He’s back from his leave of absence from South Dakota. However, there is a slight difference. He has transferred Silver to another class. Perhaps this has something to do with her blog referring to him as a uh let’s not discuss it. Silver vows to get back into the class by doing the best book report that she can do. The *ahem* scheme works.

So now West Bev has a new production in line, this time it’s Antony and Cleopatra (or is the other way around?) Annie decides to audition again and oh wait here’s the best part TY’S BACK!!!!!! (I was wondering if he was ever coming back) and no surprise there he’s auditioning too. He and Annie end up auditioning together and she makes it clear that she’s with Ethan now.

And yes there’s no surprise that Adriana is auditioning too for guess who Cleopatra. Naomi is concerned however about Adriana’s behaviour so she brings in Kelly to help confront her. Naomi blurts out that she wants Adriana to get an abortion. I mean her behaviour is pretty outright unacceptable. She drinks coffee, she hadn’t been seeing a doctor and she had been driving around all night almost getting into a car accident. She decides to have the abortion but then discovers that she’s too far into her pregnancy to get it. In fact, she misses the audition and she pleads with the new drama teacher to let her do the suicide scene. Guess what she gets the part and Annie and Ethan end up getting smaller roles, which totally bums out Annie (hey she should consider herself lucky she’s in the play I’ve had experience with stuff like that. I got a smaller role one time in “Our Town”. I ended up playing Professor Willard. I had to have stubble marked on me and I looked like Greg Proops.) So anyway she decides to give Naomi and Kelly another chance and then she realized that Hank is not the father but Ty is?!?!?!?

Naomi finds out that her dad is selling her mom’s house while she is still in New York until who knows when and her dad is giving her only one option: Move in with him and Gayle. And boy he makes sure that she stays “grounded” by that she can’t blow dry her hair at 3 in the morning. Later when Naomi goes back to the house to get her jeans she discovers that dad is now cheating on Gayle with the real estate agent (does this guy ever learn?). So now she ends up moving out and into a hotel.

Dixon is still recovering from Silver’s an episode back. He asks Debbie for advice on what to do. The advice: Be direct. The result: Dixon breaks up with silver (NOOOOO!!! They were my favourite couple! That’s the second episode in a row with a break up).

The episode ends with Annie changing her mind about going to the cast and crew dinner. She calls Ethan for a ride but he crashes his car. Does he live? I don’t know we have to wait for two weeks to find out (woo-hoo time off for me)

Samantha Lynn Tschetter loves writing as a hobby and will be attending college in the fall. Check out her fan fiction site at WtHiCS.piczo.com