American Idol – Episode 8-3 Quick Review

Tonight they go to San Francisco, CA. The usually good, bad, and really awful were again highlighted. Here is who they focused on for the third night and my notes on them as they sung:

*- Tatiana Del Toro – not as bad as her outfit but too whiny
– Dean Anthony Bradford – crazy jacket and hair
*- Jesus Valenzuela – average at best but a family man
– Dalton Powell – too quiet and awful rubik’s cube expert
– Akilah Askew-Gholston – not that smart and thinks she is better than she is
*- A quick montage of three good singers: John Twiford, Allison Iraheta, and Raquel Houghton – not enough screen time
– Annie Murdoch – loud, over-the-top, and horrible
*- Adam Lambert – great but not the best so far
*- Kai Kalama – good story and a solid singer, but could have been better

Those with a * next to their names made the first cut and moved on to Hollywood. Everyone else did not.

Now here are my rankings for the “best of the best”:


#7- Tatiana Del Toro
#6 – Jesus Valenzuela

#3 – John Twiford
#3 – Allison Iraheta
#3 – Raquel Houghton

#2 – Kai Kalama
#1 – Adam Lambert

Once again you can separate the good singers into different tiers. The bottom tier is filled with singers that barely got to the next round and probably won’t make it that far. The middle tier for tonight is filled with good singers who got no screen time at all. And the top tier are the ones that stood out and could easily make the finals. It will be interesting to keep track of these people as they continue on.

So I have stopped ranking bad singers now, because there is little to separate them all. Tonight really sucked, though, as there wasn’t a whole lot of talent, good or bad. About the most memorable person who sucked was Akilah, who couldn’t get words right.

See you tomorrow!