The Lounge List" 10 Bad Films of 2008.

Its all fun and good to spout off about the best films of a year, but sometimes its even more fun to rant about the really crappy ones! Im not calling this list the Worst films of 2008 cause frankly there are many I havent seen. For example, I avoided The House Bunny and The Hottie & The Nottie like the plague. Well of the films I did see in 2008, here are the 10 worst. You can call this list: Movies NOT to add to your netflix queue.

10. Chapter 27. Heres the film on the list with the best acting. Jared Leto, who put on a terrifying amount of weight for the role, plays Mark David Chapman in the three days leading up to the assassination of John Lennon. Leto is amazing, the movie is pointless. It offers no new insight as to why this man may have done this and ultimately is a hollow shell of a film.

9. Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. I liked the first H&K flick, I did. It was hilarious. In the sequel I think I laughed all of three times. The best moment in the film is when the guys get stoned with George W. Bush at the end and Bush calls up his dad and cusses him out. But its a real struggle to get to that point in the film.

8. Deception
. This “erotic” thriller is neither erotic nor thrilling, and the ending is so bad! I was somewhat okay with the way the film was meandering on and on but the ending put it over the edge. Stupid, Stupid film.

7. Snow Angels. A slow rambling film with no likable characters where a bunch of depressing messed up stuff happens. The worst part of the film is that it never draws you in to anything thats happening. Im shocked that this is the same guy that directed the wonderful Pineapple Express.

6. Lakeview Terrace
. The only good thing about this film is Samuel Jacksons over-the-top performance as the pissed off cop. The protagonists are lame uninteresting people and you end up hating the husband and not feeling sorry for them at all.

5. When Did You See Your Father Last?
With Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent as its leads this could have been a good film. But like Snow Angels, none of the characters are likable, you cant identify with any of them and you never feel drawn into the story.

4. The Love Guru
. Mike Myers, whats happened to you? Perhaps, and this is a big perhaps, but perhaps if this film had been released in 1993, it may have been funny. But here in 2008 the comedic audience has grown, the genre as a whole as grown, and Myers humor has not. Hes still trying to tell the same jokes he told over ten years ago. And while a few of them will garner a couple chuckles most of them fall flat on their painfully unfunny face.

3. Mamma Mia! Perhaps it is because I dont like that many musicals. Perhaps it is because I really dont like the music of ABBA. But this film was like water torture! The plot was that of a bad TV sitcom drawn out to a full length film filled with stupid songs. The only joy I got out of the film was Pierce Brosnans wretched singing.

2. The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. As I just reviewed this film, I dont really know how many other bad things I can say about it. Im at a loss for words at this point. Bad, bad, bad, bad film.

1. Primal. Number one on the list is a film you probably have never heard of unless you read my review. This film is the worst film on every level: Acting, Directing, Writing, Special Effects, Costumes, you name it, its the worst. And its not even so bad its good, its so bad its appalling.

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