10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 01.22.09

01. Does anyone care about Sonjay Dutt?

02. What’s the point of having someone hold a “legends championship?”

03. I’ve never liked Scott Steiner’s promos.

04. The “Rough Cuts” segments continue to muddy the waters in the already cloudy pool that is TNA. And ODB is gross.

05. So now TNA is admitting that the Sarah Palin angle was a “ruse” of some kind. So we’re supposed to believe that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky actually thought this woman was the Governor of Alaska? Heels are supposed to be okay with making fools out of themselves, but this stretches wrestling’s already thin credibility further than it ever should go.

06. Now that he’s on his own, Petey Williams should stop trying to be mini-Steiner.

07. Is Shane Sewell a wrestler or a referee? Make up your minds.

08. Matt Morgan saying that his temper cost him an NBA contract and an NFL contract makes it seem like wrestling was his third choice. Calling Abyss “Abby” is pretty gay too. Did anyone not see this turn coming?

09. I miss the old Kurt Angle.

10. The main event was good and all, but do you have to book a tables match and a first blood match on the same show?

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