American Idol – Episode 8-4 Quick Review

Tonight they go to Louisville, KY. The usually good, bad, and really awful were again highlighted. Here is who they focused on for the fourth night and my notes on them as they sung:

– Tiffany Shedd – a woman’s version of “Screech”
*- Joanna Pacitti – already had a record deal, so of course she’s better than most
– Mark Mudd – bad luck, threatening, countrified guy
*- Brent Keith Smith – good but not great
– Irene Angualson – hurts my ears
– Obianuju Omwurah – chipmunk girl
– Will Heuser – crazy eyes
– Ryan Benningfield – face paint feminine guy
– Patrick Warner – big, dancing belly guy
*- Matt Giraud – different sound but above average
– Ross Plavsic – nerd opera guy
*- Alexis Grace – a little too loud but good enough
– Aaron Williamson – woooo guy and unbelievably loud with lots of energy
– Rebecca Garcia – not that good and it did sound like a joke
*- Quick good montage featuring Kris Allen (from my home state!), Felicia Barton, Ryan Johnson, and Shera Lawrence – not enough screen time
– Leneshe Young – good but not really that special

Those with a * next to their names made the first cut and moved on to Hollywood. Everyone else did not.

Now here are my rankings for the “best of the best”:


#6 – Kris Allen
#6 – Felicia Barton
#6 – Ryan Johnson
#6 – Shera Lawrence

#5 – Brent Keith Smith
#4 – Leneshe Young
#3 – Alexis Grace

#2 – Matt Giraud
#1 – Joanna Pacitti

Tonight there were no people that made it through that shouldn’t have. The bottom tier is filled with people who were good, but didn’t have a good enough story to get screen time. The middle tier were better or the same, but had better stories. The top tier were the best and could easily make the finals.

Most notable people who did make it through were Mark Mudd, Ross Plavsic, and Aaron Williamson, though. A lot better tonight. See you next week!