American Idol – Episode 8-4 Review

The audition process took a stop in Louisville Kentucky tonight…and once again…it was filled with a whole bunch of joke auditions. If you read my last post…you know that I hate these. And I will not take the time to talk about them. They mean nothing until the finale when they do the best of the worst. Maybe they should hold off until then to show us the people who get their dreams crushed.

So who stood out tonight in my mind????

Joanna Pacitti…she had a recording contract before…as pointed out by Kara. Wow! What a powerful voice from this girl. She has the looks…she has the voice…she has the experience….someone to look out for in season 8. I really hope people dont start calling her a plant…and saying she has no place there because she had her chance. This girl has something.

Brent Keith Smith…..Mr. Country. Now I’m not a huge fan of country…but there are some songs and artists out there that I really get. This guy had a great country voice. Maybe we will actually have a GOOD country singer go far in this show. And no I am not counting Bucky as….good.

Matt Giraud….the dualing piano man. He had great control of his voice and was very unique. In my mind he could absolutely KILL a Jason Mraz track. The judges related him to Elliot from seaosn 5…Im gonna go ahead and relate him to Chris Richardson of season 6.

And then there was the token feel good story that they save for last.

Leneshe Young. A girl who grew up in poverty. Right from the start of her interview, I knew there was something special here. And then she said she was going to sing her own song…and I got even more excited. And I was not dissapointed. This girl can sing….and write!!! You cant say that about hardly any singers these days. She is exactlly what this show needs. I really truley hope to see her go far….even win. Obviouslly I’ll need to see her perform a bit more. But I have high hopes for Leneshe Young.

So 19 people got a trip to Hollywood from Kentucky. A few of which I think have a great chance in this season.

And we learnt one thing this episode that everyone has been asking…..

Yes…It is just water in Paula’s cup.