Lost – Season 5-1 Review

It always takes way to long for Lost to come back on air, but tonight we got our season premier for season 5. I didnt really know what to think going into it, its season 5 in a series that has really been all over the place. But I am happy to say that the episode…was a great one.

When we left Lost, the Oceaniz 6 had gone home, the island had vanished, and we had no idea what happened to the people still remaining on the island. Were they dead?? Did they move with the island??

It is still kinda of confusing, because we didnt really find out where the island went. All we know is that every once in awhile, a big light appears and a sounds blasts the island that apparentlly hurts their ears. Then before they know it, they have travelled through time. A plot that could have gone terriblly wrong. But it really has me interested. We saw Locke witness the plane crash that had all the heroin in it, Sawyer and crew went from a time before they had ever crashed, to after the hatch had exploded, to another time where Desmond was still in the Hatch pressing the button. I dont really know where this is headed…but I sure am excited to find out.

Back in normal land…Jack and Ben are trying to round the 6 up to go back to the island. A tast that wont be too easy. Hurley wants nothing to do with it and even got himself thrown in jail. Kate is thinking about Aaron and doesnt want to go back, and Sun wants to kill Ben. Yup…not gonna be easy.

And to top it all off…their secret is out. To who??? We dont really know. But someone out there knows they lied about the crash. Lawyers showed up at Kates house to determine if Aaron is really her son, so she ran away. Kate….a fugitive of sorts once again.

I have high hopes for this season now. I’m sure theres people out there that think this show has run its course….but I will disagree. I think we have a great season of Lost ahead of us.