Pre-Tocantins: My Favorite Survivor So Far

If you haven’t heard, the new list of survivors for Survivor: Tocantins has been revealed.  This season we’re back to only having 16 contestants. Though, the number is smaller it seems like all of these contestants are interesting and unique, none of them I would consider to be background people.

Before revealing who my favorite survivor is, I’ll discuss some of the other who have made a good impression on me. Taj, the wife of Eddie George, looks to be one of the more entertaining contestants this year.  I love her strategy of “nurture people out of the competition”. She’s planning on giving some of her money to her charity, which is a very noble cause. Taj is no stereotypical loving mother, as she says with emphasis that everyone will think she is so kind, and then she will be stabbing them in the back every chance she gets.

Two other contestants that make an impression on me are Jerry and James. Jerry is a sergeant in the National Guard, so it will be very interesting to see how he does out in the wild. Jerry appears to be a fun guy, but he doesn’t seem like he would be all-star material. James is the country boy. He has a very unique accent and will stand out from the rest of the contestants. He says he’s smarter than he appears, and will we have to wait to find out if that’s true.

My favorite would have to be Benjamin. This guy has to done it all, and deserves the title of a Renaissance Man. The man set the world record for longest solo kayak expedition. He leads his own symphony, he’s traveled all over the world, and he’s the coach of a a college soccer team. Plus, he doesn’t come off as braggy or cocky.  Some interesting tidbits about him are that he’s been attacked by a tiger shark, stalked by a jaguar, and been bitten by a piranha. How much more bad ass can you get than that!

Though all of this is great, the thing that makes him my favorite survivor is that he wants to change Survivor from survival of the weakest to survival of the strongest. I love the show, but it is true. Bob was a strong competitor, but Susie and Kenny would definitely fall under the category of survival of the weakest.  Too many times have I heard “we have to get rid of him because he’s too big of a threat.” I can’t wait to see how this guy changes the game up.  Benjamin is like the Robin Hood of Survivor, but instead of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, he’s taking from the weak and giving to the strong.