WWE Smackdown Spoilers

Results of this and next Friday’s episodes…


– Matt Hardy opens with a promo regarding his official transfer to Smackdown and his jealousy towards his brother. He came to the ring without entrance music and was carrying the chair he hit Jeff with, sitting down on it as he talked. He said the Hardy Boys were no more and that Jeff was no longer his brother, since he was tired of taking care of him. Jeff Hardy did not appear at the tapings for either episode but he was confirmed as an Elimination Chamber participant.

– R-Truth beats The Brian Kendrick.

– MVP beats Chavo Guerrero after Chavo misses a frog splash. MVP said afterwards he was aiming to regain the US title.

– Umaga returns and beats Jimmy Wang Yang in two minutes.

– The Undertaker beats Mark Henry in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match. Tony Atlas tried to interfere but it backfired and Taker got Henry with a chokeslam.

– Edge and Vickie Guerrero cut a promo. Edge demanded everybody apologise to him for doubting that he had nothing to do with the attacks on Jeff Hardy. He brought back the 5 Second Pose, for the benefit of those with flash photography, which was him holding up the belt and kissing Vickie.

– Big Show beats Festus in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match with the Right Hand of DOOM.

– Triple H beats Vladimir Kozlov and Khali in an Elimination Chamber qualifying triple-threat match, pinning Khali after a Pedigree.


– Vladimir Kozlov wins a Battle Royal to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, eliminating R-Truth for the victory. Others in the match were The Brian Kendrick, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, MVP, Carlito, Primo Colon, Jesse, Shelton Benjamin, Khali, Scotty Goldman and Kung Fu Naki.

– Hurricane Helms talks about what Matt Hardy did to Jeff at the Royal Rumble, saying Matt has always been a jerk.

– Matt Hardy calls out Helms, who answers the challenge but gets beaten up by Hardy.

– Shelton Benjamin cuts a promo on MVP, saying he should change his name to VPM – Very Peyton Manning – because he always blows the big game even when the fans are behind him.

– MVP beats Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match with the Drive-By.

– The Colons were backstage making out with the Bellas when R-Truth told them to focus on their match instead.

– The Brian Kendrick, The Miz & The John Morrison beat R-Truth, Carlito & Primo, with The Kendrick hitting The Kendrick on A Colon.

– Michelle McCool beats Eve by submission. Maria helps out Eve after the match.

– Umaga beats Kung Fu Naki in another squash.

– Triple H & The Undertaker beat Edge & Big Show after Show turns on Edge. They had friction throughout the match, which led to Edge shoving Show and Show retaliating with the Right Hand of DEATH. Taker then Tombstoned Edge for the win.

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