UFC 94: A Preview of the Possible Aftermath

I’ve been scouring the web for interviews, articles, odds, history, and everything in the middle.  I’ve read some great analysis, some hilarious trash talk, and I have contributed more than my share of commentary to this colossal match-up.  I don’t know about you, but I can cut the pressure with a knife right now and I am just a fan.  Can you imagine what is going through the minds of the fighters? 

There is a lot of talk about how this thing will go down.  A lot of predictions as to what will happen from the opening seconds to the end of what may be a 25 minute war.  We all know the stakes, and what has transpired up to this point.  I feel like a rabid hyena just waiting to get to the kill.  From some of the posts I’ve read on the net lately, I could probably start a pack. 

All the build up is there.  Like a bottle of champagne we have been shaken up and Dana White is about to pull the cork and this whole thing is going to explode.  Take a moment to smell these roses, enjoy the suspense.  Something like this doesn’t happen all that often.  This build up is the best part.  These guys could end this fight in the first minute, but the suspense has lasted months.  Enjoy it.  Because soon all our questions will be answered. 

Before we know it Joe Rogan will be in the octagon talking over how the fight just ended.  Before we know it this will all be over.  We will be in new times, uncharted waters.  Then the fight becomes legend, it becomes lore. 

 Sometimes we forget the most curious of fans, the most interested of spectators, may not be fans at all.  Surely the two  anticipating this fight the most are none other than Thiago Alves, and Kenny Florian.  Even the great Anderson Silva may be paying closer attention than normal.  It effects them all in some way.

The outcome of this match up changes things from 155 all the way to 205 if you consider the Spider’s aspirations to the LHW division. 

Surely the UFC has a plan for either outcome already in place.  Nothing is ever set in stone though, and they surely have a preference as to who they would like to win. 

Starting with the first punch the first domino falls, there will be quite a display of matchmaking, maneuvering, marketing, and possibly all out mayhem at the front office of Zuffa depending on how this goes down.  The last domino to fall will be Dana White calling his investor to talk about where he should put Scrooge McDuck size mountain of cash he has been swimming in.

BJ wins

If BJ does what the odds makers say he wont do, this is not the best case scenario for the UFC. 

Immediately the question must be asked, does he fight Thiago Alves at WW first, or Kenny Florian at LW?  Either way this further delays an entire division of world class fighters.  Second what if he wins either of these fights?  Where do you draw the line and say BJ nice job but pick a weight and your other belt is going back to the wolves?  Welcome to the hall of fame.

On the other hand, if  BJ wins it also presents a very lucrative opportunity for the UFC and really the best gift of all for the fans.  A trilogy.  It would be a catch 22 for GSP fans, but surely they would love to see these guys meet again if BJ bests their man.  This would propel both a heated rivalry with a rabid following, and the sport itself to a new level.   

Some say this is bad for the sport, all this bottle necking of great fighters waiting for this fight, so they can move on.  That holds a lot of merit and surely those fighters agree.  They want their shot too.  Imagine what this could do as a true championship caliber rivalry though.  That helps the sport above what any one fighter can do alone.  That does not sound fair but it also holds merit.

GSP Wins 

This would make life a whole lot easier for Joel Silva over the next year.  If GSP does what he is supposed to do and beats BJ back to where he once came, then all is square.  GSP wins the rivalry 2-0, and that is a wrap.  GSP goes on to fight Alves, and BJ finally meets Florian.  

What Dana is not hiding is the fact that he wants to milk Anderson Silva for all he can during the remainder of his stay with the UFC.  This includes the mega fight between what are unanimously considered two of the top pound for pound fighters in the world today.  GSP and Anderson Silva. 

At this point GSP has beaten Penn, and eliminated him from the discussion of at least the top three P4P.  The top three would sit something like GSP, Fedor, Silva.  Mix and match as you like.  The allure of settling that argument within the confines of the octagon is definitely to Dana’s preference. 

That match up, if things transpire this way, could eclipse what we are about to see.  It is quite possible we are about to see the greatest fight in UFC history.  It definitely ranks as one of the biggest fights ever.  Imagine if one year from now we were talking about shattering that claim with another once in a lifetime match up.

The problem is, Anderson Silva also has his work cut out for him defending his MW belt and what seems to be his pursuit of the LHW belt in due time.  Surely with this on his plate, it would become difficult to meet GSP at catch weight for a superfight.  Not to mention once again putting at least two divisions on hold once more to make it happen.  It has its complications to be ironed out but the possibility is there. 


The idea of this makes Dana salivate.  Consider  this, by this time next year there is a strong possibility Affliction may not be in business.  It is hard to imagine that there is no way for the highest profile promoter to find a way to see eye to eye with the highest profile HW ever known.  The opportunities and possibilties just don’t end.   

If GSP wins this fight, it could start a chain of events that lead to what may be looked back on as the P4P tournament of this era.  Don’t forget, BJ has fought as high as 187 in his career, and even if he loses he wont just go away.

The simple point here is not to paint wild picture of what is to come.  I dont know the first thing about what will happen.  That’s why I watch.  I think no matter how this plays out though, everything will change.  This sets the stage for a great year in the UFC.  Either way it happens things will change drastically. 

The passing of this fight brings movement to waters that were stagnant.  While the fight is uber important to history and today’s landscape, that movement is long overdue.  The time is upon us to bare witness to what may be a historical night for BJ and the UFC, or what solidifies a champions legacy in GSP.  One way or the other, win lose or draw, everyone wins with this fight.  The fans, the combatants, the corporation, and the contenders. 

Lets Get it On!

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