WWE Hall of Fame Induction Info

In the latest WWE Hall of Fame 2009 news, Ricky Steamboat is going to be inducted by Ric Flair. Steamboat and Ted Dibiase both got a lot of votes in WWE’s internal poll last year, yet ultimately it is Vince McMahon’s decision as to who goes in. He realised that both men would be good additions on any given year, so he decided to keep them in reserve rather than rushing their induction.

There had been talk of getting Flair to induct Steve Austin. An alternative name being discussed for that role is Bret Hart, although so far he has not been asked. Jim Ross will be inducting Bill Watts, so he is out too. Now it looks as though Vince himself may well be the one to induct Austin. It could play nicely into whatever exact role Austin will have at WrestleMania 25, they have an obvious storyline history together, plus it gives Austin’s induction added prestige as Vince has so far always remained behind-the-scenes at these ceremonies. In terms of perception the idea is that this would seal Austin’s status as the biggest star in WWE history, since Vince himself would do the honours. This would in effect be both men taking a shot at Hulk Hogan, who Vince fell out with and Austin continues to enjoy having one over on since Hogan wants to wrestle him but Austin has no financial need to.

Additionally, the Funks are going in and the Von Erichs are expected to as well. Jerry Brisco and Michael Hayes appear to be the people doing the respective inductions. Meanwhile, given his son’s current role, Dibiase may well wind up getting the call this year after all.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 02 February 2008 (subscribe here)

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