One Year in Memphis – February 1, 1986

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Southern Heavyweight title
Bill Dundee (c) over Koko Ware

Loser Leave Town match
Fantastics over the Sheepherders

Rick Casey/Dirty Rhodes over Dutch Mantell/Pat Rose

Billy Travis over Tony Falk

Phil Hickerson/Frank Morrell over Buddy Wayne/Jim Hellwig

Pat Rose over Tojo Yamamoto

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show as Dave told us what was coming – the Fantastics, Rick Casey, Dirty Rhodes, and Koko Ware would all be there. The main event would see Dutch Mantell and Buddy Landel taking on Tracy Smothers and Billy Travis.

We came back to see the Fantastic (who were also the Southern Tag Team champions) on their way out. Tony Falk, one of their opponents, stopped by the commentary table. Falk told Russell that he’d been training hard and he knew that he’d beat the Fantastics that day.

Russell countered by revealing Falk’s record – 0-37. Falk said that he was mad now and he was ready to win.

Falk headed to the ring where his partner Keith Erich was waiting. We stared with Falk taking on Fulton. Needless to say, Fulton immediately took control of the match by arm dragging Falk down. Fulton rubbed salt in the wound by sliding out of the ring on an Irish whip from Falk.

Fulton tagged Rogers back in who immediately began targeting Falk’s arm. Falk backed Rogers off with a little hair pulling, whipped Rogers across the ring, and got dropkicked down.

Fulton came back in and kept working the arm. Falk started throwing punches and he came out on the worse end when Fulton started throwing them back. Fulton even popped Erich when he entered the ring.

Falk finally tagged out and Erich got locked in a side headlock by Fulton. Unfortunately, Erich didn’t do any better than Falk had been and when Rogers tagged back in he kept the domination going.

Falk finally had enough and tagged back in to face Fulton. Falk caught Fulton in a headlock and landed a shoulder block before Fulton hip tossed him down and followed it up by two dropkicks. That brought Erich in and Rogers came in to help.

Falk decided to bail and Erich and Rogers kept fighting as Dave Brown noted that neither man in the ring was now the legal man. Fulton tagged back in and wound up blinded as Erich raked his eyes.

Falk tagged in and gained control by bouncing Fulton’s head off the turnbuckles. Fulton dodged a charge and brought Rogers back in. Again the match broke down as all four men 3wound up brawling and Fulton trapped Falk in a schoolboy which Rogers cradled Erich to bring Falk’s record to 0-38 (which a graphic appeared to remind us of).

We came back from commercial for Randy Hales to run down the Evansville card for Wednesday night. He was soon joined by Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell who kicked him out and added their two cents about their matches. Dundee reminded the fans of how he’d run Lawler and Keirn out of town. Mantell followed that up by reminding everyone of how he’d attacked Casey in their last match.

We came back to footage of the Sheepherders taking on Rick Casey and Koko Ware. As Dirty Rhodes and Jonathan Boyd brawled outside the ring, Dundee came out to attack Ware. When Rhodes returned to the ring Landel made his way out with a handful of powder. Mantell soon followed to get a piece of Casey. We watched Dundee, Landel, Mantell, and the Sheepherders destroy Rhodes, Ware, and Casey for several minutes. Suddenly the Fantastics hit the ring to run the Sheepherders out of the ring. Billy Travis, Phil Hickerson, and the Spoiler charged out to clear the ring.

After the tape ended, we returned to the ring to see Rhodes and Casey taking on the masked Invaders. Casey started against Invader #1 and Casey soon gained control before tagging Rhodes in. The two stopped the Invader with a double back elbow and Rhodes slammed the Invader down before covering for a one count. That was all that Invader wanted and he tagged in his partner.

Rhodes didn’t even break stride as he brought Casey in to take on the fresh opponent. Casey dominated him with a high backdrop and brought Rhodes back in. Rhodes hit him with another back elbow and got his eyes raked by the Invader.

Casey tagged back in and hammered the Invader before knocking his partner off the apron. Casey put Invader #2 down with the Last Roundup for the win at 2:29 as Rhodes headed off Invader #1.

Russell then began discussing how Dundee had gotten an injunction to keep Lawler from appearing in anything related to the CWA, including any on-air promotion of Lawler’s videotape. We then went to a tape of reporter Dominic Dean on courthouse steps, where Dominic explained that the judge had ruled that Lawler’s video could be sold. He then asked for comments from the tape’s distributor and Dundee’s lawyer Dennis Carluzza, who responded as might be expected (the distributor explained that the tapes were now being shipped and Carluzza called Dundee the new king of professional wrestling.

We headed back to the studio where Russell explained that Dundee had even wanted Lawler to sell any property he owned in Memphis before we got a commercial for the video before heading to commercials.

We came back to Randy Hales, who added matches to the Wednesday show.

Then it was back to the arena as Russell introduced a video of Dundee feuding with Dundee over a title shot against Ric Flair. We saw a match that Ware won (with a little help from Jerry Jarrett) before we went to the match. Dundee blinded Dusty Rhodes with powder before Flair pinned Ware with his foot on the ropes.

We then saw Koko attacking Dundee in the studio before Dundee opened a bag of pennies and started throwing them to the crowd. Dundee then attacked Ware (who was dressed as Santa).

Landel then battled Koko. Koko reversed the figure four, Dundee dropped an elbow on him, Landel flipped him back over, and Landel defeated Koko for the Mid-America belt.

We returned to live action as Koko came out to face the Masked Patriot. The Patriot landed one chop before Koko took firm control of the match. Koko hammered the Patriot before putting him down with a suplex for the three count at 1:03.

Russell hypothesized that Koko had gotten fired up after seeing the footage of his title loss before we went back to the match. Landel knocked down the ref, got the figure four, Dundee dropped an elbow, and Landel turned Koko back over for a pin before we headed to commercial.

We came back to the Bad to the Bone music video for Dundee.

After that, it was back to the studio for the main event. Landel paused by the commentary table to brag about dating a magician the night before – she’d rubbed his leg and he’d turned into a motel.

Mantell started against Smothers. As Russell played up Landel and Mantell’s experience advantage, Smothers held Mantell off and tagged in Travis. Travis also kept the pressure on Mantell, who brought Landel in.

Travis and Smothers kept control of the match as Landel backed into a neutral corner to regroup before claiming that Travis had pulled his tights. With Travis’s momentum safely halted, Landel brought Dutch back in to hammer on Travis.

A routine soon established itself as Mantell would use whatever dirty tricks he needed to send Travis back to the match. After Mantell got caught pulling Travis’s tights, Landel came back in to have some fun.

Landel and Mantell kept Travis well-isolated from his partner and kept dealing out the punishment. A cover by Mantell (after a knee in Travis’s back from Landel) at 3:56 got the pinfall over Travis as Russell announced that we had time for a second fall in this match.

We headed backstage for Randy Hales to talk with Dirty Rhodes and Rick Casey about their match on Wednesday against Landel and Mantell. Rhodes promised a war and Casey added that Landel and Mantell would pay on Wednesday. We then went to a video where Austin Idol said that he was willing to punish Dundee for free because of the fact that he’d not only run Lawler out of town, but he was also responsible for Idol being stripped of his share of the tag team titles.

Mantell and Landel headed back out to see Mantell starting against Travis. The break had served to Travis’s advantage as he started hammering Mantell and took it to the veteran. A cross-body earned Travis a two count.

Mantell backed Travis into their corner and tagged Landel in for a quick double-team. Travis was whipped across the ring and brought Smothers in. Mantell came back in and Smothers was able to put him down for another two-count.

Smothers kept the pressure on as Landel came back in. Landel conferred with Mantell before taking Smothers down. Landel tied up Smothers’s legs as the ref checked for a submission. Landel backed off and pulled Smothers up by the hair before bringing Mantell back in.

Mantell missed a dropkick and Travis came back in for a quick one-count. Undeterred, Travis kept attacking until Mantell escaped a knee drop. Mantell brought Landel in and after a chop and a quick strut, Landel got Smothers to occupy the referee while they did a quick double-team.

Landel put Travis down and started wringing on Travis’s leg before bringing Mantell back in. Mantell dropped an elbow for a couple of two counts before hammering away on Travis. Travis dodged a charge in the corner and Mantell brought Landel back in.

Travis went for a desperation pin as Mantell and Landel kept tagging back in and out. Smothers got in with 60 seconds to go in the time limit and all four men began brawling. Landel dropped an elbow and locked Smothers in a figure four for the win at 7:22.

We came back for Brown and Russell to run down the show, while Russell put the effort of Smothers and Travis over. Brown added that Falk had lost again as the show closed.


Southern Heavyweight championship
Bill Dundee © vs. Austin Idol

Southern Tag Team championships
Fantastics © vs. the Blade Runners

Grudge Match
Buddy Landel and Dutch Mantell vs. Rick Casey and Dirty Rhodes

Larry Hamilton vs. Tony Falk

Billy Travis vs. Pat Rose

Tojo Yamamoto vs. the Raider

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