DVD Review: ROH – Bound By Hate 11/08/08

November 8th’s Bound By Hate was an eight-match card put on by Ring of Honor – an independent wrestling fed that can be seen in Darren Aronofsky’s film The Wrestler. It was a night of blood feuds and title matches, highlighted by a Dog Collar bout and a three-way match.

The DVD Lounge’s Danny Cox is still learning all the colorful characters Ring of Honor has to offer, and he may not be hip to the ongoing storylines, but he seems to enjoy the competitive nature of the wrestlers and the action in the ring.

You can find his review by clicking on the link below.


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DVD Review: ROH" Bound By Hate 11/08/08


It’s been a while since my last Ring of Honor review, but that doesn’t mean my interest to see more of it still isn’t as big as ever. I’m kind of glad that Bound By Hate came my way too because I’m heading to Houston in April to check out both ROH shows and I need to get back on the bandwagon. I’m just simply amazed by the amount of effort put out by these guys in every single show I’ve seen, and it doesn’t fail to shock me at how talented each and every one of them are.

I’m going to admit straight up that I don’t know all the storylines going into this review, but my focus is on the action in the ring. Two titles are on the line and there are a whole host of other matches bound to draw your attention and it is obvious why from moment one. The wrestlers of ROH just deliver every single time they are in the ring and I’m fully expecting it to be one hundred percent better and wilder come April and I’m in the stands cheering them on.

Jerry Lynn Vs. Davey Richards

I’ve seen Jerry Lynn wrestle and win in just about every single company this side of the globe and others. No matter how old the guy gets though, he still seems to put on a good show. Lynn still has what it takes to compete with the best of them but this Richards kid looks really good and ends up picking up the victory with the DR Driver.

Winner: Davey Richards

The Age Of The Fall (Delirious & Brodie Lee) Vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus

Pretty standard tag team match here that sees both teams gain an advantage and then end up with the partner-in-peril. Brodie really impresses me as he just seems to destroy either King or Titus every time he steps in the ring. Delirious is obviously the weaker of the two and therefore plays the face needing the tag badly. Things were rolling along quite smoothly until a very crappy countout finish.

Winners: Kenny King & Rhett Titus

Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens Vs. Sweet & Sour Inc. (Go Shiozaki & Eddie Edwards)

I’ve seen Strong and Stevens a good number of time, but Shiozaki and Edwards are kind of new to me. Anyhoo, this looks like it’s going to be quite the fun one but it starts out incredibly slow. Again we get another pretty basic tag team match, but the last two or three minutes really start to see it heat up. Double team maneuvers and pinning combinations light up the match pace from both teams before Strong gets a pretty cool looking submission hold on Edwards to finish off Sweet & Sour.

Winners: Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens

Dog Collar Match: Jimmy Jacobs Vs. Austin Aries

Jacobs just beats down Aries before the match since he got the jump before having the collar secured on him. I mean Jacobs is just destroying Aries and even ties him up in the corner to beat him down with a chair, but Aries breaks free and comes back with a massive chairshot to even things up. Tyler Black eventually gets involved and ends up becoming a disgusting, bloody mess for his trouble. This is one hell of a brawl and damn good to boot as both men go back and forth with the advantage and keep you guessing the whole time as to who will come out on top. If this match is at all like what I’m going to see in Houston, then I’m in for a treat because the ending of this match is just insane. Aries actually wraps the chain around his knee and continuously slams it into the head of Jacobs. Holy hell this is one phenomenal battle.

Winner: Austin Aries

Grizzley Redwood vs. Alex Payne

This is really a whole lot of nothing. Seriously, it’s less than five minutes and neither guy showed me much of anything.

Winner: Grizzley Redwood

Three Way Match: Bryan Danielson Vs. Tyler Black Vs. Kenny Omega

Tyler Black I’ve seen a little bit of before and Danielson I know a lot about, but Omega is a new one to me but the crowd seems to love him. Jesus almighty is Danielson ever a beast! This match doesn’t go on nearly as long as I expected it to, but it is jam-packed from one bell to the other. Black doesn’t do all that much but causes just enough interference to make it more interesting, but Omega and Danielson are the two main attractions here. And it’s Danielson that amazes me with his skills. His swift movements, his moveset, the beautiful flow with which he glides around the ring, and his sheer brute strength are just reminiscent of Ricky Steamboat and Chris Benoit merged into one guy. Omega seems to get a tad too cocky and pays for it big time from Danielson to end the match.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness Vs. Necro Butcher

I’m not sure what the deal with this match is exactly, but it never really seems to get going. Both men do a lot of stalling and then a few moves back and forth, but nothing really noteworthy. And then before you know it, Brodie Lee and Delirious run in for the disqualification. Ok!

Winner: Nigel McGuinness

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Kevin Steen & El Generico Vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

Wow! Just wow! The half dozen or so times I’ve seen the Briscoes work, I’ve never once been disappointed with their wrestling and brawling. That trend would continue in this match as it is just insanely brutal and I’m not quite sure how the Briscoes aren’t in the big time spotlight because they are one of the most entertaining tag teams I’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed this match and see why it ended up being the main event instead of the ROH World Title because it leaves the fans incredibly happy on their way home. This match was no different and I was pleasantly pleased by the chemistry in the ring with the Briscoes that Steen and Generico have. Good stuff all around.

Winners: Kevin Steen & El Generico


Ok so let’s ignore looking at this from a DVD standpoint because the score doesn’t truly reflect the overall quality of what you’re getting here. There are no extra backstage segments or matches but Bound By Hate‘s wrestling card is worth a purchase. It is a great event with only a down moment here and there with most of it being the Grizzley/Payne match but everything else is top notch. An awesome three way dance is right in between some great title matches and a brutal dog collar match that is worth the price of the DVD alone. I had a lot of fun watching this event and forgot just how much entertainment the ROH crowds seem to get out of every show. It’s going to be insane and a hell of a lot kick ass fun when April comes around and ROH invades Houston, Texas!


ROH Home Video presents ROH Bound By Hate 11/08/08. Featuring: Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, Briscoe Bros., Delirious, Jerry Lynn, Davey Richards, and more. Running time: 180 minutes. Rating: Not Rated. Available at ROHWrestling.com