The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Championship Wrestling – September 20 1986

The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Championship Wrestling – September 20 1986

– Your hosts are Tony & David.

– We have apparently skipped a week, as the show kicks off with footage of Paul Ellering slapping Jim Cornette on the September 13 show, and we didn’t get that one.

– The Bill & Budro Show kick things off by promising to win the US tag titles and challenge Ric Flair for the millionth time.

Baron Von Raschke v. Tom Barrett

Hopefully this means no other Paul Jones Army this week. Baron works on an armbar to start and rips at the face, then takes him down and works the leg. Tony notes that Ravishing Rick Rude has joined the Paul Jones Army, which means that the Manny Fernandez heel turn should be any week now since they’re the next tag team champions. Clawhold finishes at 2:08.

– Jim Cornette says his mistake was letting Big Bubba have the week off to visit Mama Cornette last week, but the Midnight Express destroyed the Road Warriors and injured Animal anyway. And I MISSED IT? Fuck!

– Ric Flair and Baby Doll (and his Rolex) are out to complain about Dusty Rhodes winning the TV title from Arn Anderson. He’s coming to all the nothing-happening towns in the Midwest, where the women are clearly starved for a real man like himself, and Dusty should be there.

The Rock N Roll Express v. Mike Simiani & Gene Ligon

Hey hey, the new NWA World tag titles debut here! I actually thought Rude & Fernandez had the old-style ones so I wasn’t expecting that. The announcers don’t even mention it, so they probably debuted LAST week and I missed that too. The RNR double-team Ligon into a dropkick from Ricky, and he controls with an armbar. Over to Simiani and Ricky chinlocks him off a snapmare. Robert elbows him down and Ricky drops a knee for two, and the double dropkick finishes at 2:55.

– America’s Team is ready for the tag title tournament!

– Tully Blanchard isn’t shaking in his $700 shoes at the thought of Dusty Rhodes and his TV title.

Arn Anderson v. Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson? Arn promises that whatever happens to this jobber is on Dusty’s head. Well, he is the booker. Arn drops a knee and works on the arm, really cranking on it. Some smart-ass redneck in the front row yells out “That don’t hurt! It wouldn’t hurt Dusty!” Arn gets the spinebuster and gourdbuster to finish at 3:46. I bet Dusty doesn’t even CARE that the poor kid jobbed for him.

– Thankfully, we get the footage of last week’s show, as Cornette reels off every insult against the Road Warriors he can think of, until Paul Ellering comes out and smacks him down. The Road Warriors proceed to squashing a couple of geeks, but the Midnights jump them and Eaton drops a pair of flying knees on Animal’s neck. Cornette notes that it’s not a loaded racket, but rather his pure strength that put Ellering down. And then back on this week’s show, Condrey actually gets to cut a promo! I’ve never actually heard him give one before.

– The Russians are out to run down the list of potential victims for Nikita Koloff.

The Kansas Jayhawks v. Tony Zane & Pablo Crenshaw

Dutch powers Zane down and stomps him, and the Jayhawks pinball him in the corner before Jaggers elbows him down. Over to Crenshaw and he gets beaten down on cue, and Mantell chokes him out on the ropes. Jaggers with a DDT for two. They switch off with chinlocks and a Doomsday Device finishes at 3:53.

Ron Garvin & Dick Murdoch v. The Mulkey Brothers

Garvin is now the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight champion, having beaten Black Bart between the last episode and this one, and in fact he is the final one as Crockett starts to consolidate the titles into the one promotion. Garvin controls Bill on the mat and Murdoch works on the arm. Garvin ties him up and tortures him a little, and Murdoch elbows him down before finishing with the brainbuster at 2:46.

– Wahoo isn’t gonna come out here and complain about the NWA’s ruling, so he’ll just have to beat Nikita Koloff and unify the titles instead. And that’s it for this week, as it’s a really short show.

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