10 Thoughts on RAW – 02.09.2009

1. If you’re going to have a cold opening for Ric Flair, you might as well use all your pyro on him! Make his return feel at least a little special. His promo was unbearable in high-def because his face was an odd mixture of red and yellow. It upset my stomach a little bit. All my feelings of sickness turned into tears of laughter when he whipped off his coat to reveal his shoulders were profusely sweating. NASTY.

2. “… on Santino’s Casa on wwe.com, he claims he has a secret admirer and is going to reveal that person later this week”. How in the hell would Santino reveal his own SECRET admirer?

3. Randy Orton is awesome.

4. I would like Michael Cole to die and be replaced by Ultramantis Black.

5. In terms of the Elimination Chamber matches, this is the first time RAW has looked inferior next to SmackDown!. The RAW Chamber match doesn’t pull my interest at all. I’m all for putting some fresh faces in the main-event spot, but for the big matches like Elimination Chambers you have to pull out all the stops.

6. Does Cena’s new shirt make sense to anybody? “U NO C ME”

7. The ending to the 6-Man Tag would have been amazing if Jericho timed his jump better. Either way, it was cool concept which came out of nowhere.

8. Steph’s cell-phone promo literally put me to sleep until 12:05 AM.

9. Did JBL just compare Layfield Energy to Disney?

10. Shane McMahon twisted his back while landing that corner-to-corner dropkick. I thought he was seriously hurt— then he started dancing.

This episode sucked. For a show that hyped Ric Flair and Undertaker, it didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations. This was the true definition of “transitional show”.

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