Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 02/13/2009

It is Friday the 13th! For those of you who are worried about being jinxed, there is no safer way to spend your evening than to follow along with us for the next two hours of Smackdown action!


Tonight on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy returns to deal with his brother, Matt.

Smackdown is brought to us from Fresno, CA on MyNetworkTV with Jim Ross and Tazz as our ringside announcers. The show open with “The Rated R Superstar” Edge, WWE Champion, and Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero. Edge is here to complain about Big Show and Vickie says Edge will not compete tonight because of what happened last week. Edge will compete at No Way Out and Big Show, who will be competing for the title, arrives. Edge yells at Show, Show tells Edge he is too stressed out and that he will have a lot to complain about after he loses his title. Show says he is going to smear Edge all over the cage this Sunday, Edge tells Vickie to do something, Show calls Edge a coward, and Vickie says Show will compete against “The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov, “The Game” Triple H and The Undertaker in a Fatal Four Way Match and we go to commercial break.

Smack of the Night: M.V.P. continues his winning streak by defeating “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin last week on Smackdown.

Chavo Guerrero vs. M.V.P.

Porter appears to have his confidence back and he goes after Chavo has soon as the bell rings, going for an early pin and getting two. The match moves outside as Guerrero goes over the top rope with a cross body block. Back in the ring, Chavo goes for the cover getting two with the audience loudly chanting “M.V.P.”. Montel is holding on to his left arm after Guerrero does some damage but MVP works the crowd, delivers an elbow drop, and covers for two. Montel delivers the boot to the head but Benjamin is in the ring delivering the Paydirt to M.V.P. and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: M.V.P. via disqualification.

Somehow, the run in was not surprising. After Shelton leaves the ring, Chavo delivers a frog splash off the top. I still like M.V.P.’s ring work and enjoyed the match right up until the run in. We see a video of the Elimination Chamber and we go to commercial break.

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The Undertaker appears on the monitor to talk about the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday at No Way Out and how he is going to handle his opponents saying that 6 men will enter and 5 will “rest in peace”.

Primo and Carlito are backstage with the Bella Twins. Someone sent the twins flowers and it wasn’t Primo and Carlito…it was John Morrison and The Miz. The twins decide whoever wins the match will go out with them tomorrow night and we go to commercial break.

Tag Team Match: John Morrison and The Miz, WWE World Tag Team Champions vs. Primo and Carlito, WWE Tag Team Champions, with the Bella Twins

The ref calls for the bell and Carlito faces Miz to begin the match. Carlito delivers clotheslines and a springboard dropkick before tagging in Primo who goes for a cover and gets two. Morrison gets the tag, Primo tries for a backslide getting one. Primo slaps John and takes him down in a side headlock but Morrison gets to his corner and tags in Miz. Carlito gets the tag. Morrison tries to interfere in the match and Carlito ends up on the floor but we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, John has Carlito down on the canvas but Carlito goes for a back slide and gets two. Morrison drags Carlito over to the wrong corner, tags in Miz and Carlito is in trouble. John tags himself in, and comes over the ropes to nail Carlito with an elbow. John goes for a pin, getting two. Miz gets the tag, Carlito gets double teamed and Miz goes to work on Carlito’s head and neck. Carlito fights off Morrison and Miz, but gets caught in a face plant by Miz. Carlito delivers a power bomb to Miz and crawls to his corner. Miz tags in Morrison as Carlito tags in Primo. Primo enters the ring and takes down Morrison and Miz, delivers a dropkick to Morrison, covers and gets two. Primo delivers a leg sweep and covers but Miz breaks it up. Carlito comes in to take out Miz, John takes out Carlito, Miz knocks Primo off the top, John delivers a corkscrew neck breaker and gets three.

Winners: John Morrison and Miz.

The matches between these four have become very predictable. A little switch up now and then would be nice and I don’t mean a switch up by who is dating the Bella Twins. A red car pulls up outside and Jeff Hardy heads toward the building, met by Jimmy Wang Yang and R-Truth, The Great Khali, Ranjin Singh, and Maria and we go to commercial break.

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Saliva’s “Hunt You Down” is the official theme song of No Way Out. We see a video of the Royal Rumble Match between Edge and Jeff Hardy with first Vickie interfering and then Matt Hardy taking out Jeff., allowing Edge to win the match. Jeff Hardy enters the arena to a standing ovation from the live audience. Jeff applauds for the fans and tells them that it has been a weird time for him lately and he feels like doing bad things to bad people. Hardy says that Matt is his big brother and they have always be a team but Matt isn’t doing that now. Jeff says he is moving on this Sunday to the Elimination Chamber and he will become the WWE Champion whether Matt likes it or not and he leaves the arena. We go to commercial break.

Ezekiel Jackson with “The” Brian Kendrick vs. R-Truth

Jackson is already in the ring when we return, but Truth is back to coming through the crowd to get to the ring instead of using the entrance ramp. We are reminded that R-Truth beat Kendrick last month and then got laid out by Zeke. The ref tells Brian to get out of the ring and calls for the bell. Truth immediately goes after Jackson but gets nailed as he comes off the ropes. Zeke delivers a body slam and covers for one but he applies a full nelson. Truth gets out of the hold but gets dropped face first to the mat. Jackson applies a waist lock with TBK yelling directions from the outside. Jackson catches an elbow and then boots to the face and R-Truth goes for a roll up, but Zeke kicks out. R-Truth again goes for a roll up and gets three.

Winner: R-Truth with a roll up.

This was not a bad match and I am starting to appreciate Jackson a little more in the ring. JR compares R-Truth to the Junkyard Dog but I don’t see any resemblance. Eve Torres is backstage with Maria about Michelle McCool. Maria says she is going to try to beat McCool tonight and we go to commercial break.

Diva’s Match: Michelle McCool vs. Maria

McCool continues her quest to wear the least amount of clothing possible to the ring. If Michelle pulls on Maria’s tights, she won’t be wearing any. Maybe the girls should just have an un-dress off? McCool goes after Maria’s knee and uses the steel steps to go after Maria’s ankle. I am confused as to what part of Maria’s leg McCool is going after right now. Maria delivers a kick to the head, goes for a roll up and gets one. Michelle kicks Maria’s knee and takes her down, then slams her into the corner. Eve comes running out to save Maria, but Michelle goes after Eve. Eve makes it into the ring, Maria goes for a roll up and gets the three.

Winner: Maria after interference from Torres.

For the record, having Eve in the ring should have been a disqualification, shouldn’t it? Do the divas matches have different rules? Todd Grisham is backstage with Triple H about tonight and the match coming up on Sunday. HHH is busy trying to sell his t-shirt, which has “Destroyer” in Latin on the back. Trips says he will win the Elimination Chamber Match, and we go to commercial break.

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Raw Rebound: Randy Orton’s anger control issues, including kicking Vince and Shane McMahon and Orton’s match against Undertaker Monday night. Undertaker is winning, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase interfere, and it is Shane to the rescue. McMahon will face Orton this Sunday in a No Holds Barred match. HBK will face JBL in an All or Nothing match, Swagger will face Finlay for the ECW Championship. There will be Elimination Chamber matches for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship.

Main Event Fatal Four Way Match: “The Game” Triple H and we go to commercial break.

vs. Big Show vs.“The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Undertaker

Show is already in the ring and Kozlov is almost to the ring when we return to the show while Trips and Taker make their usual entrances. Big Show goes after HHH while The Dead Man and The Moscow Mauler lock up. Taker throws Vlad over the top rope and goes after Show and The Game helps send Big Show over the top rope. It is now Trips versus Taker in the middle of the ring. Undertaker delivers snake eyes, Triple H delivers a spine buster, Taker sits up, Show is back in, he nails Taker and goes after The Game and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, The Dead Man is sent into the steel steps by Kozlov as Show and Trips go at each other in the ring. Vlad is back in the ring and he and Show take turns working on The Game. Trips fights back but can’t get to his feet. Vlad backs him into the corner and Show delivers a choke slam to The Moscow Mauler but Taker delivers a right hand from outside to break it up. HHH and Vlad are down and so is Show after Taker takes him down with a clothesline. Show goes for a choke slam, Taker delivers a DDT, covers and The Moscow Mauler breaks it up. Now it’s The Dead Man versus Kozlov, Taker has Vlad in the submission hold but Show breaks it up. Taker now has Show in the hold but Trips breaks it up. The Game sends The Moscow Mauler over the top rope and then goes after Show with fists, coming off the ropes. Trips tries for the pedigree, Show has HHH up but Undertaker breaks it up. Taker covers The Game and gets two. Outside, Vlad sends Show into the ring post and then goes after The Dead Man and HHH. Undertaker has The Moscow Mauler covered by Show breaks it up. Big Show has Taker in the corner, climbs up on the second rope, but misses as The Dead Man rolls out of the way. Vlad is back to his feet, he takes down Show, The Game delivers a pedigree to Vlad, Taker delivers a tombstone piledriver to HHH, Show takes out Taker, and guess who runs in to spear Big Show? You got it. Edge.

Winner: Is that all four men since Edge did the run in?

I should have just said it before the match began. I predicted Edge would do a run in and it appears I was correct. With the exception of the ending, this was a decent main event and all four men were allowed time to work the match. And that’s the end of the show.

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