WWE Roundup: MyNetwork TV/Smackdown And Superstars Info, Candice Michelle, HHH, And More.

Andrew Krukowski at TV Week about MyNetwork TV’s attempts to re-sign affiliates with their new programming lineup. Smackdown’s viewership will be adversely affected if they lose affiliates.

PWI’s Dave Scherer talks about how that may all be moot, as they may just jump to WGN, where the new Superstars show is set to debut.

Speaking of Superstars, PWT’s James Caldwell reprints comments from WWE CFO George Barrios’s presentation for the ROTH Growth Stock Conference this morning, and the fact that it appears the show will be similar to Heat and Velocity (not to mention the original, syndicated Superstars).

He also speculates that the TV Taping schedule would change, with Superstars taping before RAW (like Heat did before being cancelled last year) and Smackdown and ECW taping together.

In disgruntled Diva news, Caldwell points out that Candice Michelle talked about wanting more TV time on WWE’s Live No Way Out Blog over the weekend, saying she’d be happy with going to Smackdown and challenging Maryse for her title. This comes on the heels of reports that the WWE told her to lose weight.

WWE.com’s Michael Burdick has a post on HHH’s record 8th WWE Championship reign. He was previously tied with Rock for most WWE Title reigns.

WWE.com also has a story about eight kids who got to go backstage at a house show and meet Rey Mysterio and John Cena, thanks to a WWE Official.

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