Making Movie History: Yeah, I Suck!

Ok, so my work has been killing me this week and I attempted to get my column out, but it just wasn’t meant to be. The combination of sleeping maybe 6 hours since Monday probably didn’t help either. I still got something for you inside.

Holy hell does that make me sound like a dude driving down the street in the child molestor van that has the one ship, porthole window.

Yeah, so I could have tried writing a column during my insomniac kicks but it’s not like I wasn’t trying to sleep! Sleeping meds weren’t working and there I laid in bed just hoping my eyes would close and stay that way for longer then fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. None the less, it let me think about different columns I could do for yall and there are plenty of ideas in the works and one of my normal pieces will be coming to you next week.

I do apologize for not having my compare and contrast work for you, but I would like to give you something. Yes it’s cheesy. Yes it’s stupid. Yes it’s corny and retarded, but it’s something at least dammit!

Welcome to my list (and list only) of films that you need to see before you die:

~ Sleepers
~ Friday The 13th (original)
~ Mean Creek
~ Stand By Me
~ The Goonies
~ Brick
~ The Woodsman
~ Insomnia
~ The Lookout
~ Halloween (original)
~ Spiral
~ The Village
~ Zodiac
~ There Will be Blood
~ Monster Squad
~ Reservation Road
~ Howard The Duck
~ The Mist
~ Se7en
~ The Shawshank Redemption
~ Groundhog Day
~ Darby O’Gill And The Little People

Now this list could continue to go on and on and eventually it will, but I simply wanted to give yall a small taste of it. In the future, it will be elaborated on and more will be explained about them all. Trust me when I say that these may be a handful of my favorite movies, but they aren’t just randomly thrown out. There is a connection between them and in time, you’ll be witness to all of it.

Have a good weekend yall and I’ll be happy no longer living in New Orleans and being exposed to the God awful mess that Mardi Gras. Ugh, what a waste of space and time that shit is.