Pulse Wrestling’s Real-time Smackdown Report 02/20/2009

Welcome back! It’s once again Friday and time to unwind from that exhausting work week with two hours of Smackdown action! Will Jeff Hardy face off with his brother Matt? Will Triple H be ready to do a little talking about Randy Orton after what happened on Raw this week? We’ll bring you the answer to those questions and more…


We see a video repeat of No Way Out with Triple H wining the WWE Championship and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship after he took entrant Kofi Kingston out with a steel chair prior to the Elimination Chamber match.

Smackdown is brought to us on MyNetworkTV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

Edge comes to the ring with his new title belt to remind everyone that he is the first wrestler to compete in two Elimination Chamber matches in one night and is now an eight time World Heavyweight Champion but Jeff Hardy makes an entrance, complete in extreme makeup. For those of you who did not see Elimination Chamber match with Jeff Hardy, Jeff did a fantastic job. Hardy says that Edge gets special treatment because he is married to their pitiful excuse of a General Manager. Edge complains that he has already heard all of this from John Cena on Monday night but Jeff says he is challenging Edge for his title tonight. Edge says he is not going to compete against Hardy tonight but Hardy says that he could talk to Edge’s wife because she wears the pants in the family. Edge attacks, Jeff delivers the Twist of Fate and rolls out of the ring.

JR has an interview coming up tonight with HHH after what happened on Monday Night Raw. We see a video replay of what happened on Monday night. If you missed it, Orton kicked Shane McMahon in the head and then delivered an RKO to Stephanie McMahon when she came to Shane’s aid. Trips charged to the ring to help Stephanie and it appears that Randy is now on the HHH’s hit list and we go to commercial break.

Kizarny is backstage with Vickie but Edge runs him off to complain about what Jeff Hardy said to him in the ring. Edge says he is facing Jeff tonight but Vickie says it will not be a championship match.

Tag Team Match: Michelle McCool and Maryse, Diva’s Champion vs. Eve Torres and Maria.

McCool and Maria face off as the referee calls for the bell. Maryse enters the ring to help out her tag team partner before being sent out by the ref and Michelle sends Maria through the ropes so that Maryse can deliver a few kicks. Back in the ring, Maria delivers a roll up but McCool kicks out, McCool covers and gets two. Maryse gets the tag, covers and gets two. Eve gets the tag, delivers a suplex, covers and gets two. McCool gets involved behind the ref’s back, Maryse sends Maria off the apron, covers Torres and gets three.

Winners: Maryse via pinfall and Michelle McCool.

It was a diva’s match. There isn’t anything else to say. JR says that the Bella Twins date with John Morrison and Miz date highlights are coming up and we go to commercial break.

Mr. Marshall was away this Monday night, but yours truly had the honor of covering Raw with Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Raw Report!

WWE Smack of the Night: The match between Miz and Morrison and Carlito and Primo, which lead to the Bella Twins going on a date with Morrison and Miz. We then see “highlights” of the ensuing date. Primo and Carlito are backstage in the kitchen during the date in order to make a mess out of it. They get discovered and throw pies, but hit the girls instead.

Tag Team Match: ”The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin, US Champion and we go to commercial break.

and Chavo Guerrero vs. R-Truth and M.V.P.

Truth comes through the crowd and is attacked before he can get over the guardrail but Porter charges to the ring to help out his partner. Three refs appear to break it up and we go to commercial break. Again.

Back to the action, Montel and Shelton are in the ring with MVP going for a cover and getting two. Guerrero gets the tag and it appears that Porter is working a handicap match since R-Truth is nowhere in sight. Montel goes for a cover and gets two, delivers a face breaker, comes off the ropes with an elbow drop, covers and Benjamin is in to break it up. Porter knocks Shelton to the floor, but Shelton grabs Chavo and moves him out of the way, causing MVP to hit the turnbuckle. The Gold Standard gets the tag, delivers a suplex and covers for two. Chavo tags himself in and goes after MVP, covering for two. Guerrero delivers the Three Amigo, Benjamin tags himself into the match, Chavo goes after Shelton, delivers a frog splash off the top but the ref runs Chavo out of the ring. While Benjamin is distracted by Guerrero outside the ring, Porter hits the Drive By and gets the three.

Winner: M.V.P. with a Drive By.

All three of the wrestlers in this match are very good and the match was a fast paced surprise ending. We go to commercial break.

Ross introduces the interview he is having with HHH that took place earlier today and we see another video replay of Randy Orton’s actions leading up to the reason for the interview. During the interview, Trips says that Orton has been walking a fine line lately but on Raw when he put his hands on Stephanie McMahon. HHH does say that Vince McMahon Trips’ father in law, Shane is his brother in law and Stephanie is his wife. Triple H says Orton has crossed the line, rips of the mic and walks away and we go to commercial break.

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Umaga vs. Scotty Goldman

Umaga attacks before the bell rings, but the ref calls for the bell immediately. Goldman comes off the second rope and catches a foot. Umaga drags him to the corner, charges and catches Scotty in the face, delivers the Samoan spike, covers and gets three.

Winner: Umaga with the Samoan Spike.

A mercifully short match,which is what Umaga’s matches have been since his return. For those of you who have not heard, it was announced today that Scott Goldman has been released by WWE. We are reminded that April 5, 2009 is the day WrestleMania 25 debuts and we go to commercial break.

WWE Smack of the Week: John Bradshaw Layfield and “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels argue about who will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. JBL and HBK are to face each other next week on Raw and the winner of that match will challenge Taker at WrestleMania.

Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, is in the ring to make an important announcement. She says that JBL and HBK will not get a chance to face The Undertaker since he is on Smackdown, not Raw. The person who will face Taker is “The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov. Next week Vlad will face The Undertaker in a match and he takes the mic to tell Michaels and Layfield they are not undefeated as he is. Kozlov says he will go to Raw and destroy HBK and JBL and then defeat The Dead Man next week on Smackdown and we go to commercial break.

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There is a film clip of Gail Kim with the WWE logo in the corner of the screen. I assume that means Kim is on her way to one of the WWE brands.

Main Event: “The Rated R Superstar” Edge, WWE Heavyweight Champion and we go to commercial break.

vs. Jeff Hardy

The ref calls for the bell and Edge charges at Jeff, only to get taken down to the canvas. Edge is back to his feet, pounding on Hardy but he gets caught by an arm drag. Edge backs Hardy into the corner but doesn’t break clean. Jeff drops Edge on his face, then takes him down with an arm drag. Edge is back to his feet and using his fists but Hardy takes him down on the ring apron, delivers a baseball slide and the match moves outside. Edge’s face meets the top of the guardrail and Jeff rolls Edge back into the ring. Hardy is holding his ribs, Both men are down in the ring and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Edge is on his feet working on Jeff. Edge goes for the cover and gets two. Hardy is back to his feet but gets knocked back down to the mat with the ref backing Edge up giving him a talking to. Edge delivers a neck breaker, covers and gets two. Edge backs up into the corner but delivers a knee to the back and then goes after the head and neck of Jeff. The fans are trying to will Hardy back into the match but Hardy ends up on the floor in front of the announcer’s table as he comes off the ropes and Edge gets out of the way. Jeff is back to his feet and rolls back in with Edge delivering stomps. Edge drops an elbow, covers and gets two. Edge climbs to the top but Hardy knocks him to the floor and then comes out after him, taking them both down to the floor. Jeff is back to his feet, rolls Edge back in, tries for a roll up, gets it and the ref counts two before Edge kicks out. They deliver a double clothesline and with both men down, the ref starts the count. Edge gets a cover, puts his feet on the ropes, gets caught, Jeff takes advantage of the distraction and goes for a roll up for two. Hardy delivers a Whisper in the Wind, covers and gets two. Jeff takes Edge down with clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop, short drop kick, covers and gets two. Jeff is back to his feet, comes off the ropes and Edge delivers a boot to the face. Both men are down. Edge gets up limping, Jeff catches Edge on the top ropes, delivers a leg drop, covers and gets two before the ref notices Edge’s foot on the ropes. Hardy misses the Twist of Fate, and gets dropped to the canvas. Edge covers and gets two. Edge pulls himself up in the corner and waits for Jeff to get to his feet. Edge charges for the spear but Hardy catches him in a roll up. Edge kicks out. Hardy delivers the Twist of Fate and the Swanton bomb, but Matt Hardy appears in the ring to drop Jeff and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via disqualification.

This was a great match and the ending was predictable. Matt grabs a mic and stands over Jeff to tell him that next week they will have a match one on one. Edge is still in the ring after Matt leaves and as Jeff gets to his feet, Edge catches him with a spear.

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Rey Guepardo is still out of action but had what I understand was successful surgery to repair his hip this week…WOOHOO! It will be a long road to recovery and just as I said last week (and because I know the translation is correct): To my amigo, Rey: Por favor recuperate pronto. Nuestros pensamientos y oraciones están contigo!

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