One Year in Memphis – February 22, 1986


Austin Idol over Bill Dundee by DQ

Dirty Rhodes/Rick Casey/Midnight Rider over Buddy Landel/Dutch Mantell/the Assassin

Rick Casey over Dutch Mantell

Buddy Landel over Dirty Rhodes

Fantastics over Abdul Gadaffi/the Assassin by DQ

Thunderbolt Hamilton over Pat Rose

Ken Prince over Tony Falk

Lance Russell welcomed us to the show by telling everyone that Austin Idol would be there that day. Dave Brown then gave us the run-down for the show – we’d be seeing Austin Idol, the Fantastics, Buddy Landel, Rick Casey, Thunderbolt Hamilton, and Dutch Mantell tagging with Bill Dundee against Frank Morrell and Billy Travis.

Before we could head to commercials, Buddy Landel headed to the commentary table. Landel bashed Austin Idol by claiming that he was the only heartthrob in the company, and that Idol’s finisher wasn’t the Las Vegas Leglock, it was the Figure Four.

After a break we saw the Undertakers in the ring getting set to face the Fantastics. After the Fantastics worked their way around the ring, we were ready to get underway. Undertaker 1 started off against Bobby Fulton. Fulton almost immediately took control and started working the Undertaker’s arm before bringing Rogers in. Rogers back dropped one Undertaker, took a shot at the other, then brought Fulton back in to keep working the arm. A dropkick from Fulton dropped the Undertaker and Rogers came back in.

Rogers got whipped across the ring and when a shoulder block didn’t do anything, a dropkick did. That was enough for the Undertaker and he tagged his partner in. It didn’t matter as Rogers took control of the fresh man and tagged in Fulton who locked in an armbar before starting to pull off the mask.

The ref intervened and Rogers came back in to work a headlock with the Undertaker. In came Fulton who planted him with a clothesline, then Rogers came back in to catch the Undertaker with a dropkick from the second rope to get the win at 3:23.

We then headed to the commentator’s table where Russell again went over the concept of the Thunderdome series. Russell then introduced a video where some of the wrestlers talked about the Thunderdome.

Rick Casey was first. Casey talked about his familiarity with the match and said that he’d be bringing a cowbell as his weapon of choice.

Next was Dirty Rhodes. Rhodes promised to win the series and claim the ten thousand dollar grand prize.

Thunderbolt Hamilton followed Dirty. Hamilton promised to win the money and talked about how ready he was.

Up next was Tojo Yamamoto. Tojo said that he’d be using his wooden shoes as a weapon.

Frank Morrell and Billy Travis said that the primary weapon they’d be using was each other. Morrell then hinted they’d be bringing a surprise weapon.

After the commercials, we headed backstage where Lance Russell went over Wednesday night’s card. Dundee, Mantell, and Landel soon joined him. Dundee protested the unfairness of the match since he’d beaten Idol the week before. He also reiterated that the Midnight Rider was Lawler.

Mantell said that Rhodes and Casey were thieves who’d stolen some titles from himself and Landel. Landel then brought up a woman that Dundee had introduced him to the week before. Dundee closed out by promising that they’d win on Wednesday night.

We came back to see Tony Falk making his entrance for his match as Austin Idol headed to the commentary table. Russell brought up that Idol wasn’t dressed to wrestle.

Idol brought up seeing Lawler in Hawaii and also put over the Memphis fans. Idol apologized for not being ready and said that he’d be ready to wrestle the goof in the ring.

The goof (Tony Falk) headed to the commentary table, saying that he knew he could beat Idol and ordering Idol to get into the ring.

Idol complied since he hadn’t been on the show in so long and headed over to wrestle in his street clothes. Falk attacked Idol before he could get into the ring and bounced his head off the turnbuckles. Falk was all over Idol as Landel returned to commentary to add his two cents.

In the ring, Idol soon turned things around and began wearing Falk out while Landel put himself over as someone who’d beaten Ric Flair (in a non-title match). Finally Idol dropped two elbows and locked Falk in the Las Vegas Leglock for the win. Idol posed for the crowd as Landel headed back to the back and Falk dragged himself out of the ring.

After commercials, it was back to Lance backstage to talk about Wednesday night.

We came back from the commercial to see the garishly-attired Ken Prince making his debut against the Raider. Russell appeared surprised that Prince’s attire included a horse’s tail. After the match started, Prince soon took firm control of the match with the Raider offering no defense.

Prince soon missed a clothesline and the Raider dropped an elbow. Prince missed a second one and kicked the Raider out of the ring. The Raider climbed back in and found himself in a headlock. Prince wound up hitting a flying body press from the second rope for the win at 1:57.

From there we went straight into another match as Buddy Landel faced Lionel Green. Landel doubled Green over with a kick and then sent him into the corner and began pummeling him. A body slam only served to cement Landel’s control of the match.

Russell reminded the fans that Landel held a victory over Ric Flair as Landel chopped Green down to the mat. A body slam followed by the figure four earned Landel the win, but Landel refused to release the hold. As the referee tried to untangle the two, Landel continued to crank on Green’s ankle. Finally Austin Idol hit the ring and ordered Landel to break it. Landel answered by spitting in Idol’s face, so Idol took off his belt and began whipping Landel with it. That brought out Dundee, and Idol whipped him as well.

The two overpowered Idol only for Dundee to accidentally punch Landel, giving Idol the chance to choke Dundee with his belt. That gave Landel the chance to nail Idol from behind and Landel soon locked on the figure four as Dundee headed to commentary to brag. Idol managed to reverse the hold and Dundee hit the ring with a chair. He caught Idol with the chair and started choking him with it while Landel stomped away on the Universal Heartthrob.” Finally Thunderbolt Hamilton and Frank Morrell came out to convince Landel and Dundee that it was time to go.

We came back to see Russell and Brown discussing the fact that Idol would not forget the attack he’d just suffered. Russell then introduced another MOD Squad video.

JD Costello promised that the MOD Squad would be arriving from New Orleans very shortly, and their goal was to rule wrestling. Costello then brought up the Fantastics and advised them to wrap up their business in Memphis before the Squad arrived. Costello closed by holding a flag that he said described the Fantastics’ careers – it simply said “the end.”

After the video Pat Rose was in the ring to face Rick Casey in a non-title match. The two competitors locked up and immediately began jockeying for position. Rose locked on a waistlock that Casey escaped by making the ropes. Casey followed that with a headlock on Rose and then a shoulder block. When Rose attempted a hiptoss, Casey grabbed his arm and hip tossed him instead.

Rose decided to take a quick walk and regroup. He came back to get locked in a wristlock. A takedown earned Casey a one count but Rose wasn’t ready to give it in. Rose regained his feet and made the ropes.

Rose got a headlock and took Casey down but couldn’t press his shoulders against the mat. Rose contented himself by cranking on a headlock. Casey got back to his feet, freed himself with an Irish whip, and took Rose down. Rose fought back by trying to roll Casey over, only to stay trapped in a headlock. Rose finally caught Casey in a head scissors. Casey escaped and went back into the head scissors. Casey escaped again and got backed into the corner, where Rose began hammering on him.

Rose suplexed Casey down for a one count and kept hammering on the International champion. Rose started choking Casey, only for Casey to scoot under the rope. Casey soon took control again only to miss a dropkick that saw the flow of the match change again.

Rose whipped Casey across the ring and Casey took him down for a three count as Rose protested that he’d been in the ropes.

We came back to Russell backstage to hype the Wednesday show with the Fantastics. The Fantastics put over the Evansville fans and promised to win. Casey then told Mantell that he’d worked too hard to win the belt to lose it before Rhodes joined him to talk about the hotshot stick (cattle prod) on a pole match. Rhodes promised to give Casey the prod so they could light up Evansville. Idol then joined Russell with a steel chair. Idol said that he didn’t need a chair, and promised to destroy Dundee on Wednesday night.

We headed back to the studio for the main event – Billy Travis and Frank Morrell against Dundee and Mantell. Mantell and Travis started with Mantell taking Travis down quickly. They locked up again and Travis returned the favor. Travis then started working an arm wringer on Mantell only for Dutch to pull Travis’s hair and put him down.

Mantell tagged out to let Dundee have some fun. Dundee started pulling some dirty tricks so Morrell called Travis over to give him some advice. It worked as Travis took control of the Southern champion and tagged Morrell in. Morrell locked on an armbar and took Dundee down.

Travis tagged back in and splashed onto Dundee’s arm. Travis locked on an armbar that Dundee finally escaped and back dropped Travis over the top behind the ref’s back.

Mantell grabbed Travis and rammed his head into the ring post before returning to the apron. Dundee paced in the ring while Mantell protested his innocence, then continued the assault when the ref was occupied with Morrell. While this was going on, Dundee wrapped a chain around his fist and blasted Travis with it before tossing the chain to Mantell.

Travis was busted open and Dundee and Mantell kept double-teaming behind the ref. Finally Mantell tagged in and Travis tried to fight back only to get his head bounced off Dundee’s knee. Morrell tried to help and while he was sent back to his corner Dundee choked Travis with the bottom rope.

Mantell slammed Travis and dropped an elbow for the two. Another two count prompted Morrell to hit the ring and pull Mantell off him. Dutch caught Travis on the way to his corner and dragged him back to the center of the ring before tagging Dundee back in.

Mantell tossed the chain back to Dundee and distracted the referee while Dundee choked Travis with the chain. Dundee then loaded his fist again and punched Travis again before tagging Mantell.

Mantell kept pounding on Travis and dropped Travis throat-first onto the top rope. Another quick tag saw Dundee catch Travis with the chain then bring Mantell back in for a knee drop that missed.

Travis made his corner and Morrell started hammering both their opponents. As Morrell hammed Mantell Dundee pulled powder out of his tights and threw it in Morrell’s face for the DQ. As Dundee and Mantell tried to beat down Morrell and Travis, the mysterious Midnight Rider attacked with a cattle prod, running Mantell and Dundee out of the studio.

We took another commercial and came back for Brown to give a quick recap of the show. Russell closed by mentioning that it was good to see Austin Idol back before he bid us goodbye for another week.


Hotshot Stick on a Pole match
Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel/Dutch Mantell vs. Rick Casey/Dirty Rhodes/Midnight Rider

Southern Heavyweight title
Bill Dundee © vs. Austin Idol

International title
Rick Casey © vs. Dutch Mantell

Mid-America title
Dirty Rhodes © vs. Buddy Landel

The Fantastics vs. Pat Rose/Abdul Gadaffi

Thunderbolt Hamilton vs. Tom Branch

Tojo Yamamoto vs. Tony Falk

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