Details on Prinze Jr’s WWE Departure, New Announcer & Jericho

Freddy Prinze Jr was approached by Stephanie McMahon about his creative team duties a couple of months ago, with the intent to get him to head up some new projects. He was offered a promotion and a raise but told Stephanie that he intended to give his notice. She talked him into staying on in a part-time capacity for a further short spell and he was kept in the creative loop up until last week. He had not traveled with the writing team for a number of weeks but was kept updated with script drafts by e-mail. He also helped represent WWE at some Hollywood parties last week and, despite him leaving the writing position, both sides hope to maintain some sort of working relationship.

Sim Snuka was not released along with Manu as he is under consideration for an announcing role on the upcoming WWE Superstars show on WGN this April.

Chris Jericho was responsible for the way his recent interview segment with Rowdy Roddy Piper was performed. He instructed Piper not to use comedy and to keep things low-key and emotional, linking his promo back to WrestleMania I.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 02 March 2009 (subscribe here)

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