ROH World Champ McGuinness vs. GHC Jr. Champ KENTA Announced

Announced earlier today, ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness will defend his belt against GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion KENTA in New York City on March 21 as their main event for their “7th Anniversary Show”. Personally I am completely stoked for this match and everyone else should be as well. With ROH contracts ending in May and no news of McGuinness resigning with the company, this may just be the time for Nigel to drop the belt.

The full story from Ring of Honor is below.

ROH officials were contacted earlier this morning by the Pro Wrestling NOAH office to inquire as to the upcoming availability of ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness for a return to Japan. Apparently following his victory over Naomichi Marufuji at “Final Battle 2008”, the arrogant McGuinness went to NOAH representative Ryu Nakata and laid out an open challenge for any member of the NOAH roster to face him for his ROH World Title. Stay tuned to for more on this story as it develops.

That was the story as of last Tuesday as far as Ring of Honor was aware. After further discussion with NOAH officials, Ring of Honor discovered that not only did McGuinness make the challenge to any member of the NOAH roster, but he actually signed an open contract for any opponents on any date.

According to NOAH officials, they became frustrated after voluntarily offering McGuinness several dates to return to Japan and defend the title but he declined referencing a “hectic schedule” and “other international commitments”. After several conversations late last week, ROH President Cary Silkin made it perfectly clear to a NOAH representative. “Pick an opponent, and a date, and McGuinness will be there to defend the title”.

Ring of Honor officials were surprised when they checked the fax machine earlier this morning and it contained the previously signed contract for an ROH World Title Match with the challenger listed as KENTA. Instead of the location being listed as Budokan Hall or Differ Ariake, the date and location was stated as the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Saturday, March 21st.

Now it has been made official: Nigel McGuinness will defend his ROH World Title against KENTA on March 21st in New York City at the “7th Anniversary Show”. KENTA returns to Ring of Honor at the top of his game. He defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima to regain the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title on Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. There’s no more ducking and dodging for the World Champion, he will be forced to fulfill his obligations, and that arrogance may cost him dearly. KENTA nearly became the ROH World Champion back in 2006, and you can be sure there is nothing more he would like than to go back to NOAH with that title around his waist. Tickets for this epic confrontation are now on sale at