24 – Episodes 7-11 & 7-12 Review

Just to jam pack my Monday night television viewing even more…a double dosage of 24! Just to clarify, this review is going to treat tonight’s two hour event as one giant episode. And by the way, this may have been the most exhilarating two episodes I’ve seen in a long, long time. All of those “leading up to” episodes really amounted to something.

Every week I want to mention this, but I always forget. But in the history of 24, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single character say “good bye” after speaking to somebody on the phone. And considering how much of the show’s interaction is through telephone, that’s pretty remarkable. Honestly, next time you watch the show, make sure to pay attention to this rather rude distinction.

Geez, can you ask for a better friend than Jack Bauer? He’s choked out Bill, shot Mason with a tranquilizer, broken Tony’s ankle, killed Curtis, killed Ryan, and allowed Edgar to die. Best. Friend. Ever.

Kidding aside, Jack brought up a good point when he was being chastised for his brutal actions. Sure, he mercilessly tortured a handful of sordid individuals in order to ensure the safety of innocent people, but the President sacrificed the lives of hundreds of unknowing bystanders for the freedom of another country’s citizens. Is she really in a position to judge him?

The various interplays with Jack throughout the whole White House ordeal were phenomenal. His scenes with Bill were great, as usual. I especially loved how Bill couldn’t succumb to becoming Jack. I’m wondering if, between Walker, Moss, and Bill, Jack may come to realize how inhuman he’s become. I also thought the stuff with the President in the safe room were great. His constant reminders that she’s the President, and as such she can’t put her life at risk for the people she loves, were great.

Oh, and I just LOVED how, after all he had done, the Senator chastises Jack for opening the door. Yeah, instead of letting the President’s daughter several body parts severed. I do have to wonder, though: How on earth did all of the terrorists know what the President’s daughter looks like? They weren’t privy to the computer photo Jon Voight was looking at. I also have to say that it’s just a TAD convenient that the terrorists stormed into the White House and started shooting and killing everybody in their path, but decided to keep live hostages the second they had their guns pointed at one of the main characters. Although I may have cried if Bill died. Ditto for Agent Pierce (best secondary character on television, I daresay).

I will also say this: While Walker acts as a good contrast to Jack’s character, I’m glad that they made the decision to keep them separated for these two episodes. The whole “woe is me, I can’t stand what I’ve done” routine can get old. This was a nice deliberation from that. Although was there anybody who DIDN’T smack their heads when she jumped on that damn boat?

Oh, and I just love the constant sketchiness that has surrounded Tony the past few episodes. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he being completely open and truthful? If not, is it for the overall good?

The tense, but passive aggressive encounter with Janis and Chloe was fun. A nice lighthearted moment in an otherwise very high octane two hours. But yeah, aside from those few minutes? I was sitting at the edge of my seat.

Matt Basilo has been writing for Inside Pulse since April 2005, providing his insight into popular television shows such as Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, and Smallville. You can visit his blog at A Case of the Blog.