ECW Real-Time Coverage for 3/03/2009

Welcome to the EC-Dub!


Last week’s ECW was stellar.  Hopefully this week will continue the streak of impressive shows.


We start with a recap of the ECW title match last week between Jack Swagger and Christian.  Awesome match.  Christian always delivers and Swagger continues to impress.


Your hosts are Todd Grisham and Matt Striker.


Tonight’s main event is Miz and Morrison with Swagger vs. Finlay, Christian and Tommy Dreamer!


Kane’s music hits and here he comes.  His movie See No Evil premieres on SciFi this Saturday.  I recommend it, especially for free (although edited).  Apparently it is one of Matt Striker’s favorites of all time (yeah, right).  Boogyeman’s music hits next and here he comes.


Kane vs. Boogeyman

They stalk each other around the ring and Kane doesn’t know what to make of him.  He takes some worms from the Boogeyman, then drops them and gives him an uppercut.  He works on Boogeyman in the corner.  Dropkick off the ropes.  Cover for two.  Scoop slam.  Kane goes to the top and Boogeyman runs out of the way.  Clubbing Splash in the corner.  Kane delivers the big boot.  He kicks Boogeyman out of the ring.  He helps Boogeyman from the apron and gets rewarded with his neck draped on the top rope.  Boogeyman goes to the top and gets caught by Kane!  Choke slam! 1,2,3!!   Movie promoted!


Winner: Kane.  Glorified squash.


Next we have the Santino Marella/Mark Henry match! Commercials.


We’re back!  The Money in the Bank Briefcase hangs from the rafters and we’re going to have a qualifying match.  I really hope Mark Henry doesn’t win but I don’t see how he can’t.  Henry arrives to the ring with Tony Atlas.  Santino’s music hits and the Unibrow heads to the ring with Beth and Rosa.  Santino grabs the mic and says women loves his physique.  His abdominals and glutimuss make the girls crazy.  He could’ve been a lifeguard on Baywatch.  No one can say that about Mark Henry,


Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas) vs. Santino Marella (w/ Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendez)  (MITB Qualifier)

Santino off the ropes and gets knocked out of the ring.  Henry follows him out and he stares down Phoenix and Mendez.  Back in the ring and Santino with some blows.  He tries a cross body and just falls to the mat.  Off the ropes again and is caught by Henry.  He hits the World’s Strongest Slam.  1,2,3.


Winner: Mark Henry.  Well, this is shaping up to be the worst MITB match yet.  Kane and Mark Henry in a ladder match is strangely unappealing to me. (Yes, I know Kane was in the first one).


Commercial break.


Another Evan Bourne video package.  He is “returning soon”.


It’s time for the second annual dirty awards with Miz and Morrison.  Biggest Virgin is the first category.  Evan Bourne, Festus, and DJ Gabrel.  Morrison does an awesome Bourne imitation.  Next is a win for Miz and Morrison for best musical performance over the Colon’s and R-Truth.  Finally, a win for the Dirt Sheet over Word Up and Santino’s Casa for best internet show.  Be Jealous.  Funny recap of this week’s Dirt Sheet.


Raw Rebound.  Triple H is gonna break Randy Orton’s neck.


DJ Gabriel’s music hits and he comes out with Alicia Fox.  Apparently Alicia is going to wrestle.  Commercial break.


We’re back to dancing in the ring.  Natalya’s laughter and here she comes with Tyson Kidd.


Natalya (w/Tyson Kidd) vs. Alicia Fox (w/DJ Gabriel)

They lock up and Natalya muscles Fox to the mat.  Back suplex and Alicia retaliates with a shot to the face.  Head toss and headlock.  Reversed by Natalya.  Irish whip to the ropes and Fox delivers a clothesline.  Natalya kicks Fox and a blow to the head.  Whip to the corner and rushes after her.  Natalya catches Fox in a reversal attempt.  Slam, and then some hair pulling.  Natalya gets Fox in an abdominal stretch.  Locked in well.  Fox rolls out.  Natalya slaps Fox in the face.  She gets kicked running to the corner.  Sunset flip by Fox for two.  Clothesline.  Small package for two.  Kick to the gut.  Natlaya reverses an irish whip and catches Fox in a kick attempt.  Rolls her over and gets her in the Sharpshooter.  Fox taps.


Winner: Natalya.  After match, DJ Gabriel attacks Tyson Kidd.  He suplexes him to the outside.  This little feud between these four continues.


12 Rounds preview.  I have nothing else to say about that.  The 6-man tag team match is next!




Cowboy Bill Watts is the next HOF inductee.  He’ll be inducted by Good Ole JR.


Here comes the ECW Champ Jack Swagger, “The All-American American”.  Tag Team Champs Miz and John Morrison follow soon after.  Christian’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring as Swagger stares him down, smiling.  Tommy Dreamer is next and finally Finlay.


Christian, Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle) and Tommy Dreamer vs. Miz, Morrison and Jack Swagger

Dreamer and Swagger start.  Swagger tags without ever locking up.  Miz is in.  Dreamer stalks him but gets a knee for his trouble.  To the ropes and Dreamer reverses into a neckbreaker.  To his corner and tags Finlay.  Arm drag and a stomp on the hand.  Armbar and takedown.  Tries to hit his head on the turnbuckle but Miz reverses.  Finlay outside, but he catches Miz and hammers on him on the apron.  Morrison comes to the rescue, but Finlay throws Hornswoggle outside onto both of them.




Finlay stomps Miz as we return.  Tag to Christian who gets a great pop.  Christian whips Miz and delivers a spinning heel kick.  Front face lock and tag to Dreamer.  Drop toe hold by Christian and elbow by Dreamer.  Cover for two.  Miz gets away and tags Morrison.  Gets armdragged by Dreamer.  Dreamer to the second rope and is distracted by Miz.  Kick by Morrison sends Dreamer to the floor.  Swagger rolls him back in while the ref is distracted.  Morrison in control and tags Swagger.  Swagger bashes his head into the turnbuckle.  Whip to the other corner and a clothesline.  Pose for the crowd.  Front face lock and clubbing blows to the back.  Tag to Miz.  Blows in the corner until the ref breaks it.  Shenanigans by Morrison and Swagger.  Cover by Miz for two.  Chinlock.  Dreamer fights out but gets reversed into a headlock.  Miz does his patented corner jump but with Dreamer’s head following him.  Into the turnbuckle!  Tag to Morrison.  Double back body drop.  Cover for two.  Tag to Swagger.  Kick to the face.  Cover for one.  Dreamer fights out of a body lock.  Rollup for two!  Belly to belly suplex by Swagger and cover for two.  Off the corner ropes for a splash but Dreamer gets the knees up.  Both down.  Swagger tags Morrison who cuts off Dreamer.  Dreamer kicks Morrison and gets the tag to Christian.  Christian cleans house.  Christian gets Morrison in an upside down face lock, ducks a clothesline from Miz while slamming Morrison down.  Awesome!  Christian in control.  DDT from the second rope.  He gets a knee to Swagger on the outside.  Dreamer takes out Swagger as well.  Head butt from Christian off the top.  Miz breaks up the count, and then Finlay and Miz take each other out.  Morrison off the ropes trying for a kick and Swagger tags himself in.  Morrison misses the kick and gets caught in the Killswitch.  Christian doesn’t realize Swagger is the legal man and Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb for the 3 count.


Winners: Miz, Morrison, and Jack Swagger.


Great match to save an otherwise dull show.  A lot of fast-paced action to end it.


See you all next week!




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