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How I Met Your Mother – Episode 4-15 Review | Inside Pulse

How I Met Your Mother – Episode 4-15 Review

Howdy. Enjoyed your break?? Evidently, part of President Obama’s agenda was to give loyal Mother viewers an extended period of rest. Either way, since I am a glass-half full type, I will spin that despicable un-American act, that of seperating fans from their TV shows, into a positive, as now it gets us one less week of reruns here on out through May. So instead of about seven more un-HIMYM-filled weeks, we will only get six!!!!

Sadly, my curiousity got the better of me, so I ate that apple (Bible reference, Bible reference), tempted fate and watched a probable illicit stream of the episode a couple weeks ago. From that moment, when I first laid my eyes, and ears, on that bad-boy I realized that in it we had pure HIMYM perfection. It may not be the greatest HIMYM episode ever, that in my book still goes to the “We are international businessmen”-filled “Sweet Taste of Liberty” (HIMYM – Episode 1-3), it was close. In fact, seeing it on the small screen for the first time (which is ironic, becuase I had already saw it on the small -(er?) screen of my laptop earlier), rekindled my unbridled love for the show, and gave me the idea for today’s review. It will be a list of reasons that I loved this episode, and in turn, what it stood for in the whole, why I love this show, this gift from the comedy gods.

I loved “The Stinsons”  because-

  • it showed you that this still has the ability to make you laugh… alot. Some episodes the last two years were less than in terms of pure comedic value, in fact much of Season three was just simply not as funny. This rivaled the earlier quatrafecta this year in “Not A Father’s Day”, “Wooo!!”, “The Fight” and “The Naked Man”. This was a genuinely funny episodes, and it was in a variety of ways. It had timing, it had snarky dialogue, it had Barney being Barney (which is only rivaled by Manny being Manny in terms of long-running self-involved ego trips), and it had great group comedic chemistry.
  • It furthered this shows reputation as a show with brilliant casting ability. Carter, Craig and the higher-ups, are talent evaluator’s of the highest degree only matched by Bill Belichick and Bill Polian (Football, for those not of the “NFL fna persuasion” as Marshall would say). They casted Betty great, she was the perfect would-be-wife. She seemed just the type of person I would envision Barney actually settling down with (That’s right, I would envision Barney settling down with a Blonde actress type, not a smart, careerwoman Canadian brunette). There casting of the kid was even better, and I just loved the ironical casting of the sweet, sweet Frances Conroy to be the sweet, but adulterous whore, Lorretta.
  • because it showed again why this show can have quite possibly the greatest cast chemistry ever. This was evident from day one, season one. As Josh Radnor said after season one, “I thought this show would never make it since, we were having too much fun making the pilot.” That is the sense I got too. This episode showed it again. The cast were great together the entire time. We got the usual dose of Marshall/Lily moments, who continue to be 1A in terms of married couples on TV (You want to know who 1B is?? Of course you do, it would be Desperate Housewives‘ Tom and Lynnette (who if they ever get divorced, or one dies, will be the ultimate jump-the-shark moment in TV history)). They had great Ted/Barney moments in the kitchen. They had great group moments in the bar and at the house.
  • and finally, becuase it was the perfect amalgam of the HIMYM formula. It had a crazy Barney idea, with the theme of the entire show. It had the Lily/Marshall marraige moment, with Lily hilariously admitting to hating Mrs. Judy Eriksen. It had a great pretentious Ted moment, when Ted admitting to knowing who fjakfjdsklafjskda;jf the theatre performance was. It had a second crazy Barney-ism, with his loving the bad guys in movies. It was everything HIMYM used to be. The only negative was that it did not have any good group flashbacks.
  • It had a Doogie reference, in Barney’s “I guess child actors were just better in the 80’s”, and even better it had a Bob Barker being  Barney’s dad callback. Those were just brilliant ideas.