WWE Smackdown Spoilers

Results from the tapings for this Friday’s episode…

– The Undertaker cuts a promo about Shawn Michaels bitch about wanting to wrestle him WrestleMania 25. He accepts the match.

– Jeff Hardy meets Vickie Guerrero backstage to bitch about not wanting to fight Matt Hardy.

– Matt Hardy cuts a promo bitching about Jeff not wanting to fight him but promises to get his hands on him eventually.

– MVP beats Matt Hardy to qualify for Money in the Bank. He reverses a Twist of Fate to get the pin.

– R-Truth beats Chavo Guerrero.

– Vickie brings out Edge and Big Show for a contract signing. Edge comes out first, without the belt, and bitches about her and Show being ‘friends’. Show comes out and they sign the contract, then he bitches about Edge not being a good champion. Vickie agrees. John Cena runs in and gives Show a low-blow, then throws Edge into the ring post and hits him with a table. He whispers something in Vickie’s ear and she leaves the ring in tears. From The Wrestler to Lost In Translation

– Maryse beats Eve in a non-title match. Michelle McCool does guest commentary. Melina comes to the ring afterwards but gets attacked by Michelle.

– Shelton Benjamin beats Jeff Hardy to qualify for Money in the Bank. Matt hits Shelton and so Jeff gets disqualified.

– Triple H and Umaga go to a no-contest when Legacy runs in through the crowd and attack the Hs. Randy Orton stands over the Hs as the show goes off the air. According to live reports, Umaga injured his leg during the match.

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