Heroes – Episode 3-18 Review

I know a lot of people find Claire annoying, but I gotta say that I found her absolutely hilarious and adorable during that entire opening sequence. From her doubt over whether the government can see her inside of her own house to her attempting to lie to her mom in her “golly gee” manner was great. I also loved the pained look on her face when she realized that she lied to her mother, and in many ways she’s no better than her dad. One matter of contention, though: In their California lives, aren’t the Bennets still supposed to be the Butlers?

And by the way, I thought Sylar killed the Puppet Master?

See, this is a great way to handle Peter’s new ability. He had a cool ability – the power of flight – so he kept using that. Then another capability proved to be useful, so he made the exchange. I do feel they need to clarify what signifies the transfer of power, though. I mean, he can fly while carrying Parkman and not absorb his ability….yet he can place his hand on his jacketed arm and acquire his power? This show doesn’t have much of a precedent for establishing rules, but it would really help here. Nevertheless, it’s a lot less contrived than Sylar’s “I-can-do-anything-but-I’ll-only-use-telekinesis” ability.

Speaking of Sylar….Really? The super powerful and ultra diabolical Sylar wears Chuck Taylors? Don’t get me wrong, I love the sneaks (I own a couple of pairs myself), but Sylar isn’t supposed to be hip and trendy. The whiny teenager has really worn out his welcome, as well.

I enjoyed HRG in this episode. I think it did him some good getting some distance from the whole Claire thing. He’s probably the strongest developed character on the show (not that that’s saying much), so don’t define his character on his relationships with those that have abilities (like they did last volume). I do hope that they ease up on the whole “gray area” portion of his character, though. He’s supposed to be a good guy who is willing to do bad things, but if they have him repeatedly do bad things, people will eventually forget that he’s a good guy. The initial allure of his character was that he was so mysterious and complex, but after three years, it’s up to the writers to make him interesting even after his motives are made clear. So, basically, drift away from the gray and head towards the white.

By the way, I loved his happy little smirk when Nathan flew away with an injured Peter. And nice job trying to warn him about the trap (I also appreciated Nathan’s subtle reminder: “Remember, he can read your thoughts.”)

Ya’ know, if Heroes does get canceled, a My Two Dads sitcom with Nathan, HRG, and Claire could be interesting. Just get new writers. And don’t make them the My Two Dads writers.

On the topic of Nathan, it appears that he, too, is heading into that gray area. I think Nathan is great, so it’s not that I necessarily want him to be a villain. I just feel like at the end of each volume, we’re basically back to where we started. Unless they allow Nathan to go full blown villain, I fear that’s where we’ll be again.

Something worth noting: Two aspects of two separates futures that were avoided have come to fruition. HRG’s wife left him because of all the secrets he kept, and Peter is labeled a terrorist. Intriguing.

And by the way, I thought we were getting away from this doomed future thing. Do we REALLY need to have another giant painting on the ground prophesying some apocalyptic explosion? Please let this storytelling formula go.

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