The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Championship Wrestling – October 4 1986

The SmarK 24/7 Rant for World Championship Wrestling – October 4 1986

– Your hosts are Tony & David. This is likely taped before the Omni show with the US tag title tournament they’ve been hyping for weeks, so no mention of the results or even the show here.

– And we’re at breakneck speed again this week, so the Andersons are right there for a promo against Magnum TA, Dusty, and the Rock N Roll Express.

Magnum TA v. Vern Deaton.

Bing bang boom, belly to belly, you know the drill. And check it out, EARL HEBNER makes his reffing debut for this show.

– Paul Jones and the Baron talk about the total lack of dissention in the Army. This of course proves ironic when Baron gets kicked out. Apparently Manny has taken the money and joined with Rick Rude as part of the Army. What, no turn on Jimmy Valiant to pay it off?

– Jimmy Valiant isn’t here to talk about the Ragin’ Bull stabbing him in the back (along with everyone else that year), and really who the hell CAN tell what he’s here to talk about?

Manny Fernandez v. Mike Simiani

Bull works on the leg to start and finishes with the flying burrito at 0:58. The announcers still treat him like a babyface, so maybe I’m misinterpreting events from the previous interviews, but the turn happens around this point either way.

– Bill and Budro date themselves by putting over Crocodile Dundee (the hottest movie in America, daddy!).

Tim Horner v. Randy Mulkey

Horner overpowers Mulkey and works a headlock. He does some mat wrestling and bridges for the pin at 1:44. Horner was one of those guys with a good look and good matches, but just couldn’t find the right gimmick to get himself over.

– Robert Gibson joins us for a solo interview.

The Andersons & Tully Blanchard v. Rocky Kernodle, Bill Tabb & Charles Freeman

Ole cranks on Tabb’s arm and Arn drops a knee. Over to Freeman and Tully immediately jumps him and throws knees, then puts him on the floor. Back in, Arn drops a knee and Tully chokes him out on the ropes. Ole goes to the armbar and Arn finishes with the gourdbuster at 3:49. Man, Kernodle didn’t even get to tag in for his token offense.

– Dusty Rhodes joins us to explain the rigors of defending the World TV title.

Baron Von Raschke & Shaska Whatley v. Lee Peak & Bill Mulkey

Shaska backdrops Mulkey out of the corner as they clarify the Manny situation: Jones is still TRYING to buy him off. I wonder if the turn happened at the Omni show and that’s why they’re being so vague? Over to Peak and the Baron sends him into the corner and puts him down with a knee to the gut. Shaska finishes with the superplex at 2:53.

The Midnight Express v. Keith Patterson & Randy Barber

I’m guessing Cornette’s pre-match rant is gonna be longer than the match. Dennis powerslams Patterson and Bobby comes in with a back elbow and the flying knee while Cornette takes potshots at the jobbers. Over to Barber, who I hear is so ugly that when he opens the door at Halloween kids give him candy, and Dennis chops him down and finishes him with the Rocket Launcher at 1:48.

– And we’ve gotta squeeze Ric Flair in here, of course. His logic is that if the Crocketts are worth millions, he’s gotta be worth almost as much himself. You’ve gotta be a dude to hang with him in the ring.

– Magnum TA is increasingly annoyed by Jimmy Garvin and the way Precious keeps yakking at him about what’s gonna happen.

Ron Garvin v. Gary Royal

Hands of stone and we’re done.

– Jimmy Garvin thinks Magnum should be taken to jail for touching Precious, and perhaps Magnum’s grandpa used to beat his grandma and that’s where his social problems stem from.

And just like that, we’re done. 30 minutes? Oh well, always a good time regardless.

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