10 Thoughts on Smackdown – 02.27.2009

Victor got called away on assignment, so here I am, shooting 10 Thoughts at you double-emmm style!

1. Is it just me or are John Cena’s promos better on Smackdown? Not sure if it’s the writing team, the tape delay or dumb luck, but he was more believable and I was more into his mic work here than I have been in a while.

2. Miz & Morrison with the chance to be undisputed tag champs? And some teased tension between the Raw and SD women’s champions? Could WWE actually be looking to combine some titles? If they can figure out a way to do it while preserving what air of separation is left to the brand extension, I say go for it. Less titles might mean less wrestlers getting a push, but it will also make title wins more important. The way I’d do it? Put the tag division on ECW, and allow wrestlers from throughout WWE compete for them (ECW has “talent exchange” programs with Raw and SD anyway); combine the two women’s championships and three men’s world heavyweight titles and allow the top dog in each division to compete across all three shows (like they did the last time there was an undisputed champ); and put more emphasis on the IC and US champions on top of the cards on their respective brands. But… what do I know?

3. I’m bummed that I wasn’t paying full attention last week to the Colons/M&M/Bella Twins skits, as the recap was pretty funny. “It’s the colons!”

4. The tag match was pretty good, by the way. Although why do the Colons want these women who change interests on a weekly basis?

5. Regarding Steamboat in the Hall of Fame: it’s about time!

6. Not to comment on EVERY video package they show during the episode, but I absolutely love the Legacy/McMahons angle. Randy’s become one of the top heels I’ve ever seen and the reformation of the McMahon-Helmsley factgeme has been well done to say the least. (I would have liked them to officially explain when, in storyline, HHH and Steph got re-married, but…)

7. The Undertaker is QUICK (on fast-forward)!

8. I really want to like the Hardyz feud, but it’s too early to tell yet. Matt cut a decent promo, but I have read spoilers for next week and all I’ll say is… we’ll see what happens the week after.

9. The MVP/Shelton/Chavo feud does nothing for me. I do like the possibility that Porter’s re-push will continue, however. I always liked him, and he’s done nothing but improve over the past year+.

10. Are they really going down the Big Show/Edge/Cena triple-threat route for the title at Mania? Really?? Actually, from a kayfabe perspective, Show looked great tonight, and if I’m Edge, I want him far away from me in Houston (or in my corner). That said, thank you Tazz for letting me know that “Big Show has a head like a small engine.” I never would have come up with that on my own!

Overall a good show, but enough slow, segments that wouldn’t have made me upset if I missed them. Iain will be filling in next week, so stick with Pulse Wrestling (also followable on Twitter) for all of the pro wrestling love and affection you can handle.

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