Ask Eliza & Murtz: Survivor Tocantins – Episode 3

Eliza: Murtz! Hey!! So, did you miss me? I feel like I’m back to life after such a miserable last couple months. I’ve been doing nothing but studying for the New York Bar Exam and now I’m finally DONE! I hope I passed. But don’t worry, I’m all caught up on Survivor. What do you think of Tocantins?? Were you SO sad to lose hot girls Carolina and Candace right up front? I was thinking of you!

Murtz: OMG! Is that Eliza Orlins? *Rubs eyes* Is it really you? I haven’t seen you in so long after you have been locked away studying for the Bar Exam. How did it go? I am sure you will pass. It must have been hard for you to resist watching Survivor when you were studying. I remember having the same problem back when I was in college. I didn’t like the Tocantins premiere, but I think the episodes have gotten progressively stronger. Okay, Orlins. You bring up an interesting topic. The girls this season. Not only was I heartbroken about Carolina and Candace leaving early, but why are so many of them in relationships?! Sydney is. Erinn is. Carolina is. Candace is the only available single. And I am just going to say it Eliza. I think I might be in love with her. Who do you think is the hottest? EVERYONE wants to know!

Eliza: I have to go with Sydney. I think she is not only the hottest this season (she has some tough competition among Candace and Carolina), but I think Sydney is the most gorgeous girl who has ever been on Survivor. She is stunningly gorgeous. She is so natural. She may have the personality of a tree, but that’s fine by me as long as she sticks around so we all get to admire her beauty. Although, it does look like she may come out of her shell this week, hopefully that doesn’t mean she’s going home.

Murtz: Sydney is a solid choice. Haha. I have missed writing with you. I am laughing! I agree, Sydney is in danger this week. I think she needs to rope in JT and Stephen to have any chance and she lost a big ally in Carolina right off the bat. I actually don’t think she is playing that badly. Keeping quiet is usually a good strategy on this show. She just needs to make sure she has votes that she can rely on. I can’t believe you didn’t comment on my Candace crush! You’re supposed to be my go-to-girl for advice!

Eliza: Candace is a strong woman. I will wish you the best of luck with her, but I’m your realist friend. You remember what I said about your chances with Parvati?? Haha. I know, I’ve missed you, too. I’m off to go take a few vacations now, though, so I may not be around too much this season, but I will stop in as often as I can!!

Murtz: Hahaha. Brooke, Michelle and I will miss you! A lot! Time to get to the picks?
Eliza: Yes, let’s get to our picks! We talk about the person I LOVE to hate and the person I just simply HATE today.



Murtz: It was another killer week for Brandon, as he makes the best list for the second time in a row. Why is he here? It might have something to do with the fact that he is practically owning the game right now in every sense. Not only is he a strong member of Coach’s alliance, but he is also running a side alliance with Taj which will now include Stephen and Sierra. It’s the first time I have ever seen this done on the show. An inter-tribal alliance! Stephen and Sierra haven’t even met yet! Neither have Sierra or Taj or Brandon and Stephen. It’s awesome. Add to the fact that he is a challenge workhorse and found the hidden immunity idol, it’s pretty clear that right now, Brandon is in the best position to win.

Eliza: Murtz, it’s Brendan!! Not Brandon! He is playing a seriously good game right now. He has a cross-tribe alliance. Is this a first? At least prior to a swap, right? I’m truly impressed by his skills and his ability to work people over and his overall likability so far. He seems like he’s going to go very far in this game. He seems to get along with everyone and as an entrepreneur he knows how to handle delicate situations. Also, is it just me, or is he getting cuter out there?


Eliza: Tyson actually had a pretty good week. Unlike Coach (who we’ll get to as worst player), he’s actually someone I kind of LOVE to hate. He’s a good kind of evil where he smiles as he’s doing it. His comments are funny and he seems to be able to appease people, even Coach. He is strong in challenges and around camp and I can see him sticking around if his tribe can pick it up!! Murtz, do you agree?

Murtz: Definitely. I think Tyson is in the strongest position after BRENDAN (thanks for the note on his name Eliza… haha). He is awesome. I have said this before, but I think the strongest part of his game is the fact that he comes off as kind of goofy and this hides how physically strong he is. He also is playing a perfect game, using Coach’s vote without Coach even realizing it. While Tyson lost an ally in Jerry, I believe he has everyone on his side at Timbira. He just needs to get together with some of the girls to oust Brendan who is undoubtedly his biggest competition.



Murtz: I have to tell you that I like Coach. His bio stood out to me before the show started and this can’t surprise you Eliza. You know that I tend to gravitate toward the cockier players in the game. That being said, Coach is on a one-way road to destruction. He believes that he is running things at Timbira when that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually Tyson and Brandon who are the real leaders (as noted above). Coach plays a very personal game. After initially saying that he wanted Sierra gone because he wanted to surround himself with only the best, he quickly showed his hypocritical colors when he wanted Candace gone and brought Sierra in. Similarly, if he actually is interested in keeping the strong people around… he wouldn’t have even considered keeping Jerry over Erinn, but because of his personal distaste for the hairstylist, he almost made a fatal mistake. For players like Tyson and Brandon, Coach is perfect because he will take all the heat and allow them to coast.

Eliza: Creepy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe Coach. He is revolting. Disgusting. And GROSS. Wait, Murtz, have you seen this? He is offering a dinner date with himself for $25,000 on eBay. I’m so grossed out I can barely even type because I’m vomiting in my mouth. Cocky doesn’t even begin to describe it. I don’t think he’s even someone I love to hate. I think I just simply HATE him. He lacks leadership ability, lacks charisma, and lacks all sense of self-awareness. In short, I hope he’s gone soon, but I have a bad feeling he may not be.


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