Capsule Reviews, 3/4/09

The Age of Sentry #6 of 6 – Age of Sentry is the kind of fun, hokey silver-age comic that everyone, no matter their age can enjoy. It’s firmly tongue in cheek crazy superheroics, but its smart, clever and over the top in the best, most imaginative ways possible. This isn’t hard to find in back issues, but since Parker’s manic energy is seemingly unique, you really have to read his comics for the sheer experience of it. This book is done, but be sure to pick up his new Exiles book re-launch for what’s sure to be more fantastically absurd adventure. 8/10 – Great

Cable #12 – I know this is filler until the crossover when X-Force and Bishop arrive, I know this, but I got it anyway. I guess it’s my fault since nothing happens yet again. Cable is revived by Hope and they find a nice inspiring message from Cyclops as the time machine stops working. 12 issues of nothing = $36 I will never have back. 2/10 – Terrible

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1 – Apparently, Hickman was born to write the Fantastic Four in a way few authors (Waid springs immediately to mind) are. Here he has the group deal with rebuilding after their lives are trashed yet again and Reed decides that he needs to see all possibilities to stop this from occurring regularly… as it seems to. Of course, at the same time Osborn makes his move on the group, leaving a space/time conundrum on top of a political dilemma on top of a family crisis. Of course, this being the Fantastic Four, its all done with high camaraderie and adventure. A joy to read. 8/10 – Great

Deadpool #8 – An issue of Deadpool alone going through deathtraps to finally get to the Thunderbolts on the last page… I feel ripped off. This isn’t the first part of the crossover- no damn crossing over even occurs until the last page. I knew I should have dropped this and Thunderbolts already. 4/10 – Below Average (For false advertising).

Secret Six #7 – Hey the main cast worked it out! Just in time for the climax of the first arc! Would you look at that! This is mostly a giant, chaotic fight, but its driven by each character’s personality and understanding of the situation.

Secret Warriors #2 – Hickman has officially become a must read author. The Warriors continue to get plot development and be likable, while Fury remains a mystery badass with great motivation and greater intimidation. Seeing what he’ll do and how he’ll overcome the villains is going to be a pure joy. For now though, we get the set up for what amounts to the Ultimate Hydra group with all their different leaders uniting. The odds are so stacked against Fury that his triumph is guaranteed to be incredible. Get this book while it’s early in the run; you won’t regret it. 9/10 – Excellent

War of Kings #1 – The next big space crossover is here and the first issue… is a big fight. The Shi’ar start a war with the Kree (now lead by the Inhuman Royal Family) by picking a fight at the wedding of Ronin and Crystal…. The Shi’ar are said to have greater numbers and military might at this point than the decimated Kree, so that had better play a role, because the Kree have a ton of insane super-warriors… and the Guardians and Nova didn’t even get involved yet. This is great set up that you can easily see causing a huge war. 7/10 – Good

I also read and love the Mighty, but am not ready to comment on it yet. It’ll get its own column after issue 3.