Pulse Wrestling’s Real-time Smackdown Report 03/06/2009

Welcome back to our Friday Night Smackdown Report! Kick off your shoes, grab a drink, put up your feet and follow us for two full hours of Smackdown action! Muchas gracias Sr. Marshall for filling in for me last week…

The show opens with a recap of last week’s title match between John Cena and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge ©. Edge used the title belt as a weapon and Cena won via disqualification ensuring that Edge retained the title. Vickie Guerrero then announced that the new Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 25 will be Big Show. Smackdown is brought to us on MyNetworkTV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.


The Undertaker enters the ring to a boisterous ovation from the live audience. He has a mic…dead Man talking. Taker is angry that his peers are attempting to break his winning streak at Wrestlemania, specifically “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and Undertaker accepts Mr. Wrestlemania HBK’s challenge for Wrestlemania 25. We see a video of Michaels at various Wrestlemanias. The Dead Man reminds us that he remains undefeated at 16 consecutive Wreslemanias and he will win the match against Shawn on April 25. His final words for HBK were “Sometimes it is hell trying to get to heaven.”

We see a video of the Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant match from a previous Wrestlemania 3. Smackdown General Manager, VickieGuerro, is on her cell phone but is interrupted by Jeff Hardy. Jeff wants to be in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match and not face his brother, Matt Hardy.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Matt Hardy vs. M.V.P.

Matt has the mic to complain about Jeff not wanting to face him in a match but if he and his brother both win their MITB qualifying matches, he will have to face Matt in the ring at Wrestlemania. The fans jeered Matt on his way to the ring, but Porter got a nice ovation during his entrance. Montel goes for a quick roll up, but Hardy kicks out. Matt gets to the ropes and MVP is forced to break his waist lock hold. Back in the center of the ring, Hardy delivers a fist to the jaw and a clothesline in the corner, but Porter catches him in a drop toe hold and we go to commercial break.

Back to the match, Matt has MVP down on the canvas, Montel tries to get back to his feet but is taken back down to the mat. Porter makes it back to his feet, catches an elbow from Hardy and Matt uses the ropes until the referee breaks it up. The audience breaks into chants of “MVP” and Porter goes for a cover, getting two. Porter comes off the ropes and takes down Hardy again, getting two. Montel delivers a face breaker, comes off the ropes and drops an elbow, covers and gets two. Matt delivers the side effect and waits for MVP to get back to his feet, Hardy goes for the twist of fate, Porter counters with a bridge and gets the three and the win.

Winner: M.V.P. who qualifies for the MITB Match at Wrestlemania.

I enjoy watching both of these workers in the ring. The match was a little slow and I could have done without the commercial break in the middle of the match but it was a decent opening match for the show. We go to commercial break.

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The World Tag Team Titles, current champions, John Morrison and Miz, will be on the line next week when they face Primo and Carlito. Michelle McCool is at the announcer’s table to watch the next match and we see the WWE Rewind which was the diva’s match on Monday night Raw.

Marsye, Diva’s Champion vs. and we go to commercial break.

Eve Torres

JR reminds us that this is Eve’s third match. A slight squabble, Maryse delivers the DDT and gets the three.

Winner: Maryse with a DDT.

Diva’s matches never keep my attention and this one was no different. McCool’s commentary was just as bad as the match. After the match, Melina runs to the ring to beat up Maryse and gets blindsided by Michelle and we go to commercial break.

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AC/DC’s “Shoot To Thrill” is the official theme song of Wrestlemania. Smackdown GM, Vickie Guerrero, is in the ring for the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. I can’t hear what she is saying over boos from the audience. Edge appears and heads to the ring, cutting off whatever she was saying, takes the mic and says he is not going to sign the contract and he wants to know what the deal is between her and Big Show. She says the relationship between her and Show is professional but The Rated R Superstar seems to disagree with her because while he was away the Big Show “took care of her”. Edge wants to know why she chose Big Show to face him and Show makes his way to the ring where he takes a mic and tells the GM it is time Edge learned the truth. Big Show says that the truth is that Edge is not a good champion, he takes shortcuts and survives by the skin of his teeth every time while Show is the largest athlete on the planet, he is worthy of being called World Heavyweight Champion. He says what is going on between him and Vickie is strictly business and she knows that Show will be a better champion than Edge and Big Show signs the contract. Edge apologizes to Vickie and tells Show that he is an eight-time world champion and Show will not dominate him. Edge says that is why Vickie chose Show, because she knew that Edge would defeat him in any match and he is more of a man than Show will ever be. The Rated R Superstar starts to sign the contract and John Cena makes his way to the ring, delivers a low blow to Show, hits him with the title belt, nails Edge, grabs the table and smacks Edge, leaving Guerrero the only other person standing. Cena throws his hat into the crowd, goes over to Vickie, whispers something in her ear that leaves her shaken and then leaves the ring, smiling on his way back up the entrance ramp and we go to commercial break.

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2009 Inductees announced to date: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Terry Funk, Dory Funk, Jr., “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The latest inductee is “Cowboy” Bill Watts who will be inducted by Jim Ross.

Edge is backstage with Vickie who is still very upset and she tells Edge that next week on Raw they will finish the contract signing and then she bursts into tears. The Rated R Superstar takes his title belt and leaves and we go to commercial break.

We see a video of parts of “Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood” 21 in 2005, which is the only Wrestlemania DVD I own. Edge won the MITB match that year.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Jeff Hardy vs. “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin, WWE United States Champion

The ref signals for the bell and Benjamin goes for an early cover but Hardy kicks out. Shelton tries for a bridge pin but Jeff again kicks out at one but The Gold Standard delivers a suplex and covers for a one. Jeff comes back but comes off the ropes and misses as Shelton ducks to the mat, sending Hardy outside. The battle moves outside the ring and Jeff sends Shelton into the guardrail before hurling himself into Benjamin and the ref starts a count and we go to commercial break.

Back to the ring, Benjamin has Hardy down on the mat and we see how Shelton countered Jeff and sent him into the turnbuckle. In real time, Shelton delivers a backbreaker and covers for two. The Gold Standard delivers another backbreaker and continues to work on Jeff’s spine. Chants of “Hardy” erupt from the live audience. Benjamin uses the ropes to deliver more damage to Hardy’s back, but Jeff sends Sheton over the top rope. Shelton lands on the ring apron and the match moves back inside the ring. Jeff delivers a short drop kick, Matt appears, faces off with Jeff in the center of the ring, kicks Benjamin and gets Jeff disqualified.

Winner: “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin via disqualification.

The ending of this match was not a surprise but it was fun while it lasted. CM Punk, The Big Red Machine, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry and M.V.P. have already qualified for the MITB match at Wrestlemania 25 and we go to commercial break.

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”The Game” Triple H, WWE Champion vs. and we go to commercial break.


The bell rings and Umaga is taking a beating from Trips. Umaga turns the tables on The Game but gets caught with a face breaker. HHH comes off the ropes and Umaga nails him in the throat, but as Umaga charges, Trips pulls down the top rope and sends him over to the floor.

Winner: I have no idea but it would obviously be a disqualification.

Orton, Rhodes and DiBiase circle the ring, with Cody and Ted coming into the ring, then Randy Orton but The Game is outnumbered although he does gets his hands on Orton. The battle moves out to the floor with Trips getting the best of Orton and taking him over the announcer’s table before Rhodes and DiBiase make the save. The action moves back into the ring with the three on one assault. HHH is cornered but he dives on Orton anyway before being attacked by the other members of Legacy. Chants of “HHH” erupt from the crowd as Trips gets beaten in the corner. The beat down of The Game lasts longer than any of the matches we have seen tonight and there has been no commercial break. Orton continually kicks Trips in the head, which is a tremendous show of Orton’s wrestling ability and chants of “Randy sucks” erupt from the live audience. We get a full sixty seconds or so of Orton wandering around the ring looking evil and sweating considerably and trying to decide whether to leave the ring or stay. HHH crawls across the ring toward Randy and Orton does get out of the ring and that’s all folks!

Thank you for joining us. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe! Check Pulse Wrestling every day for the best in professional wrestling news, updates, columns and reviews. And join me every Friday night (unless the marvelous Paul Marshall covers for me) for the live Smackdown Report!

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