Place your bookmarks for The Reader this April

The Weinsteins are back! Since splitting from Disney-owned Miramax and forming The Weinstein Company back in 2005, the brothers have had a string of bad luck, including Hoodwinked, Hannibal Rising, and a little something called Thunderpants. Then comes The Reader, which some have called the worst Best Picture nominee this decade (but come on, it wasn’t even the worst of the year–that would be Forrest Gump 2). Nominated for five Oscars and winner of Best Actress, the film stars Kate Winslet as a shamed ex-Nazi guard who’s on trial for war crimes, and David Kross as her former lover who holds a secret that could set her free. The Reader comes to DVD April 14th and Blu-ray on April 28th, a strategy only Harvey and Bob could think up.


â—¦ 12 Deleted Scenes
â—¦ Five making-of featurettes

Source: The Weinstein Company Home Entertainment