WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 03/07/09

Last week Miz & Morrison lost their MITB qualifier match and this week the same thing happened to Santino. Is there prejudice against DotCom guys? Here’s the Delivery.

On Word Up, the word of the week is FRONTIN’ – to put on a fake personality or fake ballin’. Shad and JTG say that Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. are frontin’. Cody even wets the bed and DiBiase cries when he watches Oprah.

It’s the one year anniversary of Santino’s Casa and Santino holds a global birthday bonanza. Santino travelled to Liverpool, New York City, Tokyo, Moscow and to his hometown of Milan to celebrate this momentous occasion.

This week’s edition of The Dirt Sheet is one of best in recent weeks. The Miz suffers a caffeine rush which is a sight to be seen, as he transforms from the Undertake to John Cena to Triple H to almost every other WWE wrestler. You must see Miz doing that. Morrison, on the other hand, channels some of the greatest WWE legends of all time, including The Ultimate Warrior and delivers a message from them to Chris Jericho. Morrison’s Warrior is spot on. This edition proves once again why Miz & Morrison rule the DotCom.

And as always, Josh Mathews closes the week with the Weekly Top Five. Number 5 and 4 both copme from Raw – Kozlov’s loss to HBK and Edge vs. Cena (With its aftermath). The 6 man tag from ECW holds the traditional ECW spot, number 3. The top 2 spots belong to SmackDown – the contract signing between Edge and Big Show and the beatdown that Legacy delivered to Triple H.

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