FUZZED: Federer Makes the News Anyway

It’s Rogi and Darren, player and coach, together at last!!! Time to celebrate – I demanded it, and it’s happened!!! It’s about time. I am going to stick a feather in my own cap. The guys getting to know each other while the other guys are Davis Cupping. I bet they’ll work out an agreement, and then it’s off to the races. Rogi hasn’t just been dressed up filming commercials for one of his Swiss sponsors. So much for all that Darren subterfuge about resigning his post in Australia because, oh yeah, his family lives in Vegas, etc, etc. Will he be travelling with Rogi full-time? I imagine they’ll be together for the bigger tournaments – probably starting with Indian Wells next week, why not? And here I was, wondering what to write about today, hey hey!
Oh, and everyone’s played their first two Davis Cup rubbers except for maybe the most interesting matchup, Spain vs Serbia, in Spain. They didn’t play today because the stadium was damaged by a windstorm. Bizarre. They’re supposed to start tomorrow and Djokies is scheduled to play 3 matches. Jeez, talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. Technically Davis Cup can be extended to 5 days, but who wants that when Indian Wells is next week?
Stan beat James Blake in Birmingham. Stannie is a quiet, steady fellow who gets it done. Full of Swiss work ethic. Good job. Just as Roddick did a good job pulling out the second rubber. I think he’s playing a lot smarter with Stefanki in his corner these days. He’s staying in the point and working the ball around instead of just trying for winners. Since he’s more fit now, he can grind better too. It’s nice to see him playing intelligently and using different spins and shots. It’s a new Andy – I didn’t think he could play like that.