inDemand Spoils TNA Lockdown Main Event?

Read on to find out what battle of legends inDemand is promoting for TNA’s steel cage PPV.

Cable provider inDemand has a poster and synopsis on their website that advertises the main event of Lockdown as Sting vs. Mick Foley. The synopsis describes the match like this:

Two decades in the making…Two of wrestling’s biggest legends…One historic showdown inside the infamous six sides of steel cage. Hardcore legend Mick Foley…“The Icon” Sting…The battle of a lifetime! TNA Wrestling presents Lockdown, where every match takes place inside the barbaric six sides of steel cage. Live! Sunday April 19th on Pay-per-View

As always, cards are subject to change, so time will tell if the match goes off the way it’s being promoted here (and which one of them, if either, is the heel/Main Event Mafia Member). It’s also interesting to note that the match isn’t being advertised as being for the TNA World Title.

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