Interview Roundup: John Cena, DDP, Burke, Cornette, The Rock

A whole buncha interviews.

John Cena discusses his movie career with Philly’s

DDP answers fan question at Slam! Wrestling, covering his WWE run, who he’d like to face if he went back (Randy Orton), and why he is one of the oldest rookies in wrestling history.

The Torch has highlights of interviews with Elijah Burke and Jim Cornette about the Wrestler.

Burke slams the film and, by extension, Jerry Lynn (the latter seems to be more of a promo on Lynn, since they were having a match at an indie show after the interview). Cornette talks about how depressing he found the film and how he agreed with Vince’s stance on the movie (the first thing he’d agreed with him on in a long time) before he embraced it. He also gets some nice shots in on CZW fans in the process.

You can listen to Burke’s interview with In Your Head here and Cornette’s with Who’s Slamming Who? here.

And here’s a trio of stories about Dwayne “No Longer The Rock” Johnson’s transition from action hero to family friendly star:

NY Times

New York Daily News

Times Leader

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