JBL/OVW Links: JBL And JR Blog! Plus; OVW To Promote MMA?

JBL clarified his role in OVW on his WWE Universe blog:

I want to be clear about OVW, Danny Davis is the owner-I am not buying OVW nor any interest in OVW. Layfield Energy is merely taking over as his main sponsor and advertiser. I see an opportunity to advertise our products and grow our distribution in Kentucky.

He goes on to say he’s just a sponsor.

J.R. has thoughts on JBL’s investment in OVW and WWE’s developmental system (among many other things) in his latest blog:

I read on the internet where JBL has purchased an interest in Danny Davis’ OVW operation. If one assumes that WWE can’t efficiently train all the young prospects that they would ideally like in only one facility, then one could also assume that other training grounds might be able to take up the slack and eventually “graduate” their students one step closer to WWE fame and fortune…..for a nominal fee of course. No one can ever say that JBL isn’t big picture thinking, multi-tasker.

In other news, OVW’s owner, Danny Davis, has started an MMA promotion called Vyper Fight League (sic). You can see the announcement of the promotion’s birth here.

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