ECW Real-Time Coverage for 3/10/2009

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Tonight a Battle Royal decides the next MITB participant.  Your hosts, as usual, are Todd Grisham and Matt Striker.


Miz’s music hits and here he comes with Morrison.  We recap some Dirt Sheet footage.  It is their Colon impersonations.  Makes me laugh every time.  Morrison joins the commentating crew.  Here comes Primo Colon with his brother Carlito and the Bella twins.  On Smackdown Friday, these two tag teams will collide.  Be sure to follow Pulse Wrestling’s Coverage!  Carlito and the Bella twins join the announce table as well.


Primo vs. The Miz

Morrison calls Carlito’s hair Pauly Shore like as Miz and Primo tangle.  Miz with a side headlock that is reversed.  Shoulder block from Primo.  Primo gets a leg drop and a cover for one.  Carlito complains about the count.  Dropkick from Primo.  In the corner Primo hits five shots to the head.  Miz’s head into top turnbuckle.  Cover for one.  Primo gets a kick and goes to the apron, only to get knocked off by the Miz.  Carlito and Morrison continue to be announcing gold.


Commercial break.


We’re back and Miz has Primo in a camel clutch.  Primo is fighting out of it with some elbows.  To the corner and Primo gets flipped to the outside only to land on the apron.  Runs to the other corner and hits a flying body press from the top! Cover for two.  Primo to the ropes and goes for another flying body press and Miz ducks.  Primo falls to the outside.  Miz after him and throws him back in.  Kicks by the Miz.  Catapult gets Primo choked on the bottom rope.  Miz gets a chicken wing hold on him.  Primo fights back with some kicks and punches.  Miz powers him to the corner.  Miz puts Primo on the top.  He’s going for a back suplex but Primo flips over him and gets him in the electric chair!  Both up and trade blows.  Primo gets the best and hits a dropkick, a flying elbow, does a cartwheel and another dropkick.  Springboard dropkick from the top.  Cover for two.  Both up and Miz hits a nasty reverse Russian leg sweep.  Cover for two.  They trade small packages for two counts.  Miz punches Primo down.  To the corner.  Elbow from Primo.  Off the top but caught by Miz, slammed and cover for two.  Miz up and misses his patented shot to the corner.  Primo gets behind and hits the Backcracker.  1,2,3!


Winner: Primo Colon.


Great match.  The Colons leave with the Bella Twins while Morrison joins Miz in the ring.  We now get a preview of 12 Rounds.  The Great Khali is in the back preparing for the Battle Royal.


Commercial break.


We get a recap of last week’s match between Natalya Neidhart and Alicia Fox and the aftermath where DJ Gabriel tossed Tyson Kidd out of the ring.


Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) vs. DJ Gabriel (w/Alicia Fox)

The bell rings and Kidd starts with a uppercut and kick.  DJ Gabriel counters with a shoulder block, and a back body drop off the ropes.  Kidd in the corner and DJ goes after him only to get drop toe-holed to the bottom rope. On the outside, Kidd takes control.  Back in the ring, Kidd covers for two.  Kidd gets Gabriel in a modified camel clutch.  Gabriel powers out and hip tosses Kidd.  Kidd with some kicks to the leg.  Kidd goes for a rollup but Gabriel suplexes him.  Cover for two.  Gabrielwith a suplex attempt, but Kidd leans to the apron and drapes Gabriel across it.  Springboard elbow!  Cover. 1,2,3!


Winner: Tyson Kidd and his Charlie Brown haircut (credit Matt Striker) .  Short match but solid.




Evan Bourne video package.  He returns next week!  We also get a recap of last night’s Raw.  The Randy Orton-Triple H feud is getting to be a lot of fun.  Even though you always knew Trips would end up at Orton’s house, it was still cool.  Why were all those people in his house, though?  It’s not like he was hosting a party.  Unless it was a really lame party.  Maybe he’s harboring criminals?  More heel heat.


Here comes the battle royal.  I’ll do my best to get everyone involved written down.


Battle Royal

Participants: Shad, JTG, Vladimir Kozlov, Christian (big pop), William Regal, Great Khali




R-Truth, Kung Funaki, Ricky Ortiz, Chavo Guerrero, Paul Burchill, John Wayne Yang., Goldust, Dolph Zigler, Tommy Dreamer, Charlie Haas


We start and here they all go.  Ortiz is quickly eliminated by Khali.  Kozlov eliminates Kung Funaki.  Khali eliminates Kozlov, who gets eliminated by EVERYONE.  John Wayne Yang follows, then Goldust by Zigler and Haas.  They get thrown out by Cryme Tyme.  Cryme Tyme eliminates Burchill, and then Shad soon follows eliminated by JTG.




Back and R-Truth, Regal, Dreamer, Christian, and Chavo remain.


DDT by Dreamer on Regal.  He picks him up and tries to eliminate him but Regal reverses.  Dreamer eliminated.  Christian and R-Truth go at it.  R-Truth misses a high kick on Christian and then gets eliminated by Chavo.  Chavo moves to Christian and gets him over the rope but not on the floor.  Christian muscles back in and goes for the Killswitch on CHavo.  Regal interferes.  Regal suplexes both men.  He throws Christian over the top, but Christian lands on the apron.  Back body drop eliminates Regal.  Chavo tries to push Christian out, but he climbs between Chavo’ legs.  Chavo in control and he hits the Three Amigos.  Up to the top rope and Christian is up.  Chavo rolls from the top and Christian goes for the Killswitch but is reversed.  Chavo sent over the top but on the apron.  CHavo tries to suplex Christian out but Christian blocks it in an impressive show of strength.  Seriously, he was almost completely turned over.  Christian gets his legs in the ring, swings them up and kicks Chavo to the floor.  Christian is the last man standing.


Winner: Christian.  Not a bad Battle Royal but too many eliminations happened during the commercial break. 


Not a bad night of wrestling.  See you next week!


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