Great Interview With Bret Hart At ESPN

Bret Hart talks about everything from Hulk Hogan (and Warrior and Jake Roberts) not putting him over, to working with Owen at Wrestlemania, to the drama with Shawn and the Montreal Screwjob (which he thinks Vince was planning as early as 1996) in his interview with Jon Robinson at ESPN.

Oh, and he also talks about the time that a LOD gave a drunk Vince McMahon a Doomsday Device in a strip club. No, really:

I remember talking to Jim [Neidhart], and we both wanted to see it. Everyone gathered around to see if they would have the balls to do it. Next thing you know, they came right in behind Vince and scooped him up piggyback style, then Hawk jumped up on one of the poles. Everyone in the whole bar thought they were going to take Vince’s head off. We were all watching, then Hawk came down with this little powder puff clothesline and Beefcake and Hogan caught Vince. There was a little golf clap and everyone was laughing. I remember right away looking at Jim and saying ‘so much for the finish.’ He looked back at me and was like: ‘The Hart Foundation would’ve done it.’ And I agreed. I said something about how we would’ve had the balls to do it, then I turned to Owen and told him that we had to get out of there right now before Jim picks Vince up.

And then Bret gave Vince the Hart Attack Clothesline. Seriously:

I ran as fast as I could and completely took Vince’s head off with that clothesline. The only way to do that move, you have to go full blast, otherwise you could never get your legs up, so I pretty much hit him as hard as I could.

It’s a really interesting interview, as Bret covers a lot of topics. He even throws in this very relevant comment, given all the releases we’ve been reporting on lately, talking about how abruptly wrestlers can be fired:

But that’s how it is. There’s no where to go. There’s no soft landing there. You’re done. Good luck.

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