Ask Michelle & Murtz: Survivor: Tocantines – Episode 4

Michelle: Another back-breaking week here at the column, eh?

Murtz: Yup. How are things with you? I don’t really have a lot to report. I am deciding about whether to go to the Britney Spears concert next week, have been excited about my new column at and actually am trying to be Twitter-savvy. You?

Michelle: The usual. Biking, Climbing, Fighting Crime and Bad Fashion. It’s a pretty action packed schedule!

Murtz: Even with that action-packed schedule though, Survivor is still the priority. This last episode was the most shocking I have seen in a few years. I thought Sydney was a goner for sure. Don’t get me wrong. I am really happy she stayed.

Michelle: No kidding. What a surprise vote-out. I guess the editors are really perfecting their art. But wasn’t there news recently on how many more seasons Probst and Burnett are willing to do? What’s the skinny?

Murtz: I believe that they signed for two more and then they are collaborating on a new show called “The Bucket List.”

Michelle: ::laughs:: Really? What a burden to think about getting things done before you die! I’m just trying to get through this season. Speaking of, let’s bear our weight on the picks now…



Murtz: It was a great week for Taj as her secret cross-tribal alliance finally took shape. What I especially liked about her play was the fact that she made up for Brendan’s misplay of not telling Sierra about the alliance. She managed to bring Sierra in without even being on her tribe! It was great and clearly Taj has done a nice job of recovering from the Eddie George disclosure a couple of weeks ago. Now it seems like it doesn’t even matter to the rest of her tribe, as they chose to focus on eliminating Sydney and Sandy on this episode. Michelle, what do you think?

Michelle: It’s really great to see how a cross-tribal alliance can really work! That’s certainly something that hasn’t been an opportunity past seasons have been able to utilize. Pretty crazy that they’ve made a solid four– Especially with Stephen just stumbling into it. Taj must be commended for taking something like getting sent to Exile Island into something that make her a major player in this game. Maybe she learned it from her husband? ::chuckles:: But Taj really has it going on because in addition to all that, the impressive work in the reward challenge sure doesn’t hurt her score. Touchdown!



Murtz: Pitiful performance from Joe at the reward challenge. He was supposed to be the strongest guy on Jalapao next to JT and he buckled under the pressure. I don’t know about you Michelle, but he reminds of a sucky version of Colby Donaldson. Is sucky a good adjective?

Michelle: Well, compared to Colby Donaldson, all the Survivor Men are just sucky versions– Bobby Jon withheld from that statement. ::laughs:: But seriously, there are no do-overs in this game and if you can’t hack it, well, you can just bring me your torch.


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