More Terminator Than You've Ever Dreamed

Source: Lionsgate Home Video

On March 19, 2009 Lionsgate will release Terminator 2: Skynet Edition in Blu-Ray (Available at and a six-disk limited edition T2 Complete Collector’s Set (Available at

The Skynet Edition will feature both the theatrical and extended editions and will include eight hours of extra content: 140 minutes of behind-the-scenes video (picture-in-picture), an audio commentary with 26 cast and crew members, an audio commentary with James Cameron and William Wisher, text commentaries, multimedia galleries, a storyboard script mode, THX optimiser, interactive quizzes and games, and BD-Live features such as games and content. It will sell for $29.99.

The Complete Collector’s Set will have a T-800 endoskull bust whose eyes lite up and makes sound effects from the film. As for the DVDs it will have the Blu-Ray disk, and an Extreme Edition and Ultimate Edition on regular DVD. There is also a digital copy of the film, although it does not specify whether it’s the theatrical or extended edition. It will sell for $179.99.

I mean…just look at the thing:


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