10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 03.13.2009

So introductions first. I’m Dale Clarke and I’m taking over the ’10 thoughts on Smackdown’ feature here on Pulse Wrestling. Thank god that’s over and done with, let’s get on with things.

1. Now, I can understand the WWE champion being in the opener if it promotes some kind of storyline, but having Edge open the show against Kingston simply didn’t. I’m not saying that the match was pointless or bad, since both men put on a good showing, but it really could have been kept till later on in the show. It couldn’t have been a question of quality, since I can safely state that this was one of best matches of the show.

2. Well I’m talking about the WWE Champion; I have to talk about the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 25. I didn’t like the idea of an Edge vs. Big Show match, so the introduction of John Cena didn’t send unwelcome shivers down my spine like it usually would. Now I don’t want to insult the Big Show, he usually provides some fun segments, but I just struggle to see him as WWE champion material. Sadly though, now that John Cena is involved in the match I get the feeling we may see yet another disappointingly short title reign for Edge, who really deserves more. Hopefully Vince McMahon realizes that Edge is just as entertaining when champion as he is when challenger.

3. Also, what was with JR’s comparison with Kingston and Steamboat, and then again with Edge and Bret Hart? I’m not one to talk about stupid commentary, I probably couldn’t do much better, but the WWE really does need to consider their announcing teams. Sometimes it’s worth watching WWE just for the ludicrous commentary.

4. So Morrison & Miz faced Carlito & Primo yet again? They do provide some entertaining matches, but considering we’re almost guaranteed at least one more match between the two they could have spread things out better. Now with one win each I’m starting to get the vague feeling that we may be seeing some kind of unification match down the line, possibly at WrestleMania 25. Now if this is indeed the case, then it could very well be a disaster. While WWE’s tag team division isn’t exactly given as much focus anymore as it used to, I just don’t see a joint tag team division working. However, knowing the way WWE works, we are likely to just get a tag team match with the winners getting the Bella Twins. Oh it’s misogyny at its best (or worst depending how you look at it).

5. I’ve got to give it to WWE on one point, SmackDown’s midcard scene is going strongly. The United States Championship scene has started to get really interesting, and with the likes of MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and more recently, Chavo Guerrero providing quality matches I’ve actually become a lot more interested in the next United States Champion than usual, and it shows that there are plenty of wrestlers/ superstars/ entertainers (it seems to change weekly) ready for the chance to main event.

6. Now, I’m all for a Hardy vs. Hardy feud, but I think that maybe things have been taken a little too far. Because as much as one brother can hate another brother I for one don’t think that attempting to kill or maim them (multiple times) really makes a feud entertaining. I could have just settled for Matt being jealous and costing Jeff the title, but no, where’s the entertainment in that?

7. So every year at WrestleMania WWE put a women’s match way too far up the card, (WrestleMania 23 is easily the best example of this). This year, that match is going to be a massive battle royal. It’s going to be interesting seeing who they bring back for the match, and whether its a current diva or one from the past who goes over. Personally, I’d really like a one night only return for Lita and Trish Stratus.

8. Usually, the Money in the Bank match is the match I look forward to the most. This year that honour is of course going to the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels match, with MITB being let down most by some disappointing booking. At no point was it a good decision to place Mark Henry in the match. The whole point of this match is that anybody involved could win, Henry will never win, you can quote me on that. I also don’t understand why Finlay was put in over The Brian Kendrick, who easily deserves more than to job to a man who isn’t going to win, whether he deserves a main event run or not.

9. Continuing with my Money in the Bank points, every year I have one wrestler involved that I think needs or deserves the win more than any other. This year’s is easily Montel Vontavious Porter. I wasn’t a massive fan of MVP when he first debuted in the WWE, but he’s easily one of my favourite things about SmackDown right now, and if anyone could be a breakout star in 2009, it has to be MVP. It also helps that the only other man I can see even in with a chance of winning is Shelton Benjamin. WWE needs to pull the trigger on one of their pushes, may as well be at the big one.

10. So once again we get to see The Undertaker vs. Kozlov. This time the booking makes sense and Undertaker is given the win. Now, Kozlov was built as a big star throughout last year, but he’s essentially gone the same way as Umaga – going over midcard talent but jobbing to the main event stars. Wait, I’ve gone off topic. The biggest match at WrestleMania 25 for me is The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. Easily two of, if not the, biggest stars in WWE right now, clashing at the biggest night of the wrestling calendar should produce a classic. Plus, with rumours of Undertaker’s retirement having been going around for months now, this could very well be the biggest threat to the Undertakers streak yet.

So that’s the first ’10 thoughts’ from me. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it, because if you didn’t you’ve just wasted five minutes of your life you’re not getting back. Thank you, and goodnight.

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