FUZZED: Little Rogerino/Rogerina or Mirketto/Mirketta or whatever

I don’t think Roger planned on having a baby this year, although who knows what Mirka was thinking? Did our girl forget her birth control or did she put it away once or twice without telling Rogi? With the due date this summer, I wonder when she told him the news (and I betcha his loins QUIVERED!), when Rogi told Cahill, and how that might have led Darren to say no.

All these little details we don’t know. But the due date might certaily wreck Rogi’s slam chances. With women having healthy babies later these days, I don’t think it would’ve hurt Mirka to wait a few more years – sorry Nina, as a doc I don’t think she had to do it before she turns 30 – but maybe she got tired of waiting. But it’s done now, and babies have a way of changing their parents’ lives more than they can possibly imagine. Also, kids arrive whenever they feel like it, so due dates are just estimates, at best. At any rate Rogi has much more to think about than just himself and Rafa these days – ultimately good, but maybe not so good for his tennis. I wouldn’t choose Laver for a coach – his health is a question and his game is from a few generations ago. Stefanki is with Roddick, Bob Brett is with Marin Cilic, Brad Gilbert – no way. Sampras? He personally told me he doesn’t want to travel, plus he’s not experienced as a coach. Paul Annacone. Or John McEnroe. Yeah, what about Mac?? I think he’d even be tickled enough to behave himself. We know he’s got an awesome tennis mind, and he’s always looking for a way to stay involved. And he LOVES Rogi to bits, though I’m not sure Rogi loves him. Would be worth a try for a year, I say. If Connors could do it, why not Mac – and I think Mac would be better at it. He’s certainly followed the modern game more closely and played competitively for longer.

Today at IW, Mauresmo survived. Vaidisova into the 3rd, OMG, OMG. Peer over Bartoli. Safina gets hers too. So far, so good. Well, Shriekapova dumps her first round doubs – not her thing anyway. Rogi plays tomorrow, under our microscopes. Did you know he’s entered as a doubs wildcard with another Swiss player, Yves Allegro? They get to play the Bryans, lucky them, and the winner of that (guess who) gets Rafa and Marc Lopez. So it’s not like #1 & #2 are slacking off and saving themselves for the singles. Djokies and Andy are in town too.

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