WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 03/14/09

We’re just three weeks removed from Wrestlemania (Which, in case I haven’t bragged about it enough, I’ll attend in Houston!) and so far none of the DotCom personalities have any matches scheduled. Santino will probably accompany the Glamazon at the 25-Diva Battle Royal but others, especially Miz & Morrison need to be features on the card. Perhaps they’ll have the rubber match with the Colons on the big stage? Who knows, here’s the Delivery.

Cryme Tyme’s word of the week on Word Up is PROCUCT PLACEMENT because they shill JBl’s energy drink. Actually, the real word of the week is JOCKIN’ – to copy someone else’s style or to mad flirt. For example, everyone is jockin’ Jay-Z and want to be like him. JTG is also sure that all the girls are jockin’ with him. Yeah right.

Santino is on sick leave, so covering for him on Santino’s Casa is the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. She debuts her own segment – Beth Blonde Beatdown. She asks he fellow blonde to quit with the whining and nagging because they give all blondes a bad name. And she’s thinking about competing on Dancing with the Stars. That’s something I’d like to see. Oh, and all the SmackDown Divas are wussies. You’ve heard it here first. I love Beth.

Miz & Morrison continue their feud with the Colons on The Dirt Sheet. But first, they show us how Jack Swagger and Kung Fu Naki will spend this coming St. Patrick’s Day. Talk about people who can’t hold their drinks. Back to the Colons, they star in their own sitcom – I Love Primo. And they make some good points about Miz & Morrison. Very good points.

Josh Mathews finishes things off with the Weekly Top Five. JBL’s victory over CM Punk takes the number 5 spot followed by the Hardies confrontation from SmackDown at number 4. Number 3 is, what else, Christian winning the battle royal from ECW. Undertaker’s payback to Kozlov is at number 2 and finally, Triple H’s assault on the Orton residence holds this week’s top spot.

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