Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Destination X Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Destination X Report
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

The Beautiful People & Madison Rayne vs. Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, & The Governor
I guess Cute Kip is banned from ringside. Taylor wants to start, but Velvet wants The Governor in. Velvet & Angelina double team The Governor, but Roxxi & Taylor make the save. The Governor takes out Velvet & Angelina with suicide dive. Taylor pins Rayne with a German Suplex with a bridge.
Winners – Roxxi, Wilde, The Governor

Lauren is with Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley. They know that the MEM will not be the same after tonight’s match.

Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young
This match comes out of nowhere. Magnus dominates to start. EY tries a springboard crossbody, but Magnus tries to catch him and drops him. Magnus then hits a powerslam. EY fights back, and goes to the top rope, but Magnus catches him on the ropes, and then hits a top rope RKO.
Winner – Brutus Magnus

Sheik Abdul Bashir comes down to the ring, and bitches about not being on the card tonight, and says that its racism. Cornette comes out and says that he flat out doesn’t like Bashir. He tells him to get out.

Angle its trying to rally up the other members of the MEM, but they all tell him that he and Sting need to handle this one on one.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss – Match of 10,000 Tacks
Abyss comes out strong, and takes out Morgan quickly. Abyss takes the boards full of tacks and lays them next to the ramp. Back in the ring, Morgan takes over, and opens up a bag of tacks and neatly piles them in the corner, and then gets a chair. Abyss fights back, only to get a Carbon Footprint. Another bag of tacks is opened on the first pile, and Abyss goes to powerbomb Morgan through the tacks, however Morgan gets out of it. They fight up the ramp, and Abyss looks to have Morgan ready for a choke slam off the ramp though the boards full of tacks. However, Morgan kicks Abyss in the groin, and then hits a Carbon Footprint, launching Abyss into the boards of tacks for the win.
Winner – Matt Morgan

Booker & Sharmell in Cornette’s office. Booker says that he never agreed to put his Legends Title on the line against AJ Styles. Cornette says that it is legal, and he must wrestle in a title match. Sharmell looks over the contract and tries to fine a loophole.

After about 10 minutes of nonsense, Cody Deaner (redneck shotgunning beer) beat out Shark Boy & Bernie Weber (mortgage broker) to win a date with ODB.

Backstage, Beer Money cuts a promo saying that they will earn respect tonight by sending one of Team 3D to the employment line.

Awesome Kong (c) (w/ Raisha Saeed) vs. Sojo Bolt – TNA Knockout’s Title
This is a short sloppy match. Awesome Bomb takes care of this match.
Winner – Awesome Kong

Recap of Joe/Steiner.

Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe
Joe charges the ring and pummels down on Steiner, and Steiner is busted open already! Joe hits a belly over back suplex, but then walks into a Flatliner. Steiner goes for his lead pipe, but as he is getting back in the ring, Joe comes up and continuously knees Steiner in the head. Steiner drops the pipe and Joe picks it up and drills Steiner. The ref tosses out the match, but then Joe tosses the ref out of the ring.
Winner via DQ – Scott Steiner

Joe brawls with Steiner through the crowd, and into the back.

Lauren is with AJ Styles. AJ says that he thanks Rhino and 3D, but now the fight is back on the Originals.

Recap of AJ/Booker T feud.

Booker T (c) (w/ Sharmell) vs. AJ Styles – TNA Legends Title
AJ comes out on fire to start the match. They fall to the floor, and AJ hits a diving clothesline off the ring. Booker then takes over and tries to keep AJ grounded but AJ hits the Pele and then the Styles Clash for the pin.
Winner and NEW Champion – AJ Styles

EDITOR’S NOTE: I know it seems like the recaps are small then they should be right now, but keep in mind they’ve had 6 matches, the Bashir angle and the ODB angle all in a hour and a half.

Joe comes back in from outside with is dagger covered in blood, and he says that he has permanently scarred Steiner, and he will take out everyone else in the MEM.

Beer Money, Inc (c) vs. Team 3D – Off the Wagon Challenge – TNA Tag Team Titles
Jacqueline is not at ringside. Team 3D dominates the majority of the match. They hit that double team sidewalk slam/leg drop move on Storm. Devon goes for the WHAZZZ UP, but Roode breaks it up, sending Devon to the floor. Beer Money fights back with double teaming while Devon recovers. Devon trips up Roode, and Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb for 2. They hit the reverse neckbreaker for 2 on Roode, and then they line up for the 3D, but Storm comes in and hits Bubba in the back with a chair to get DQ’d.
Winners via DQ – Team 3D

Jim Cornette comes out and restarts the match under No DQ rules. Storm quickly gets 3D’d, but Roode pulls the ref out and they walk away with the belts, and the ref counts them out.
Winners via CO – Team 3D

Recap of the Ultimate X Match feud.

Alex Shelley (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide vs. Black Machismo vs. Consequences Creed – Ultimate X Match – X Division Title
MCMG take out Suicide quickly to start. The crowd has a ‘Fallen Angel’ chant. MCMG and Lethal are on the floor, and Suicide leaps off the apron with Creed on his shoulders on the other 3! Suicide tries to get the belt, but Lethal dropkicks him off. Creed sneaks up to the ropes and starts toward the belt, but Lethal turns around and sees him. They stare at each other for a minute, but MCMG comes in and takes both out. Creed then hits a springboard bulldog on both MCMG. Lethal launches Creed up to the X ropes, but MCMG double team him down. All but Shelley works a tower of doom, but Suicide leaps on the X ropes! Lethal makes his way up to him, and powerbombs him off the ropes! MCMG hits a double teamed Sliced Bread #2 on Creed! They then exchange high impact moves. Lethal hits a flapjack, Sabin hits a tornado DDT, Suicide hits his weird move that I can’t even describe, & Creed hits a Pumphandle TKO. Sabin, Lethal and Creed are all on the X Ropes, and Suicide leaps off the top of the trust (just like Daniels did years ago), knocking off the other 3 and taking the title down.
Winner and NEW Champion – Suicide

Sting cuts a promo about winning. He declares that it will be No DQ!

Recap of Sting/Angle feud.

Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle – TNA Heavyweight Title
Mick Foley as the Special Guest Enforcer, Jeff Jarrett as Special Guest Referee
They go back and forth for a bit, but then Sting sends Angle HIGH over the top rope to the floor. Sting then follows outside and sends Angle to the guard railing. Back in the ring, Sting nails a crazy big powerbomb. However, Angle fights back and actually hits the moonsault for 2! Angle is slow to get up, and Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop, but both men stay down. At the count of 7, both men get up and Sting charges Angle, but Angle dodges it and Sting drills JJ. Sting then drops Angle and locks on the Death Lock, and Angle is tapping, but JJ is still out. Sting lets go to check on JJ, and Foley gets in the ring to check on JJ. Angle gets a chair, but Foley fights it away and goes after Angle with it. Angle ducks and Foley drills Sting. Angle only gets a 2 count, as JJ is still groggy. Angle wonders what is up with JJ, and he spits in JJ’s face, and JJ slugs Angle, right into another Scorpion Death Drop for the pin.
Winner and STILL Champion – Sting

Angle screams at JJ, while it seems as Sting and Foley exchange a few words calmly.

Show over.

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