Andrew “Test” Martin Remembered By Father, Nash, Bischoff, Storm

Colleagues and family remember the late WWE Superstar.

Slam Wrestling has comments from Martin’s father, Bob, about Martin’s time in rehab and the progress he made there.

Slam’s interview features comments from Kevin Nash, which came from this interview with Jawbreaker’s Jeff Wilen. Apparently Nash was close with Martin and helped get him in to rehab, which WWE paid for. Eric Bischoff’s comments on Martin’s death can also be found in that link.

Lance Storm has posted his thoughts on Martin’s death on his personal site. He reminisces about meeting Martin when he was first breaking in to the business and their time working together, from Storm’s early days in WWE to their days as UnAmericans. He tells some good stories about their days on the road, including Test’s reaction to Vince McMahon telling him to get a haircut just like Storm’s:

Test looked Vince right in the face and said he had a life outside of wrestling and his appearance is very important to him so there was no way he was going to get a hair cut that would make him look like a F—king idiot. He then paused looked at me and added, “No Offense, Lance”

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